(made for video; 1987; NR; 79m)

Shown with Short:
102S-Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter 9: Battle in the Stratosphere

Plot: Post-apocalyptic humans fight robots and the Dark One for air.

Prod: Cynthia DePaula*
Dir/Scr: Tim Kincaid*
Asst Dir: Rebecca Rothbaum
Cin: Arthur D. Marks (The Female Response)
Ed: Barry Zetlin (Mandroid; Breeders)
SFX Vis: Jeremie Frank
(pdes/Return of Superfly)
SFX/Robot Masks: Ralph Cordero
(Splatter University)
SFX/Robot Cr FX: Ed French*
SFX/Robot Suits: Valarie McNeill
SFX M/U: Tom Lauten
Cos: Celeste Hines
(asst ed/Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean)
M/U: Erin Pollitt (She's Back)
M/U: Carolyn Krinsky
PMgr: Joe Derrig (asst dir/She's Back)
ADir: Ruth Lounsbury (prod/TV's Fishing with John)
ADir: Marina Zurkow (pdes/Enemy Territory)
PDes: Medusa
Sound: Mik Cribben (The Naughty Victorians)
Sco: Richard Band
(405-Being From Another Planet; 706-Laserblast; Troll)

Neo / Norris Culf (Necropolis; Breeders)
Deeja / Nadine Hart (Necropolis)
Klyton / Joel Von Ornsteiner (Slashdance; Mutant Hunt; Necropolis)
Myta / Jennifer Delora (Deranged; New York's Finest; Sensations)
Kai / Andrew Howarth (Necropolis; Moon 44)
Valaria / Angelika Jager
Jorn / Michael Dowend
Torque / Rick Gianasi (Mutant Hunt; The Occultist)
Bray / George Gray (Stargate; Stay Tuned)
Haim / Nicholas Reiner (Who Shot Patakango?)
Roan / Michael Azzolina
Koria / John Blaylock
airslave fighter / Edward Mallia (Mutant Hunt)
airslave fighter / Michael Zezima (Breeders; Necropolis)
irradiated female / Amy Brentano (Blood Sisters; Breeders)
guardbot / Dave Martin
guardbot / Keith Schwabinger

Classic Line: "We use men to breed with us to create future warrior women. Then we dispose of them."

Classic Line: "On the other hand, I could introduce you to a world of pain. The choice is yours."

Trivia: ROBOT HOLOCAUST was filmed in New York City.

With ED FRENCH usually providing the special effects, TIM KINCAID and CYNTHIA DePAULA teamed up to do these other losers: 1985-Bad Girls' Dormitory; Enemy Territory; 1986-Mutant Hunt; Breeders; Necropolis--City of the Dead; 1987-The Occultist; Riot on 42nd Street; and 1988-She's Back. French also did Geek Maggot Bingo.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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