Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 111

111 - MOON ZERO TWO (10/26/1969; England; G; 100m)

a.k.a. LUNA-02: CRIMEN EN EL ESPACIO (Italy?)

Ad: "An asteroid worth millions. A robbery. A murder."

Plot: Mysterious and mod happenings on far-out lunar base.

Prod/Scr: Michael Carreras (One Million Years B.C.)
Dir: Roy Ward Baker*
Asst Dir: Jack Martin (Moby Dick)
Sto: Gavin Lyall, Frank Hardman, Martin Davison
Cin: Paul Besson (To Sir With Love; The Scapegoat)
Ed: Spencer Reeve (Twins of Evil; Lust for a Vampire)
SFX Cin: Nick Allder (The Fifth Element; won Oscar/Alien)
SFX Cin: Kit West (won Oscar/Raiders of the Lost Ark)
SFX: Les Bowie (101-The Crawling Eye; won Oscar/Superman)
SFX Asst: Colin Chilvers (won Oscar/1978's Superman)
Cos: Carl Toms
M/U: Ernest Taylor (Passport to Pimlico)
PMgr: Hugh Harlow (1979's Dracula)
ADir: Scott MacGregor
(416-Fire Maidens of Outer Space; K18-Million Eyes of Su-Muru)
Sound Mixer: Claude Hitchcock (Caveman; Volunteers)
Sound Ed: Roy Hyde (The Vampire Lovers)
Stunt Adv: Bill Weston (Superman; Brazil)
Music Sup: Philip Martell (conductor/905-The Deadly Bees)
Score: Don Ellis (Kansas City Bomber; The French Connection II)

Bill Kemp / James Olson (Andromeda Strain; Paper Man)
Clem / Catherine Von Schell (K10-Cosmic Princess)
Liz Murphy / Adrienne Corri (A Clockwork Orange)
J.J. Hubbard / Warren Mitchell (101)
Karminski / Ori Levy (Before Winter Comes; The Chairman)
Whitsun / Dudley Foster (The Two-Headed Spy)
Harry / Bernard Bresslaw (Jabberwocky; Krull)
Space Captain / Neil McCallum (Thunderbirds Are Go)
Hubbard's girlfriend / Amber Dean Smith (One More Time)
hostess / Carol Cleveland (movie and TV's Monty Python regular)
hotel clerk / Claire Shenstone
boutique attendant / Chrissie Shrimpton (My Lover, My Son)
Smith / Joby Blanshard (Hell Is A City; The Reckoning)
junior customs officer / Keith Bonnard (The Chairman)
senior customs officer / Leo Britt (Dial M for Murder)
immigration officer / Lew Luton (Cry of the Penguins)
cardplayer / Michael Ripper (905; Enemy from Space)
worker / Roy Evans (Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde; The Elephant Man)
cardplayer / Robert Tayman (Vampire Circus; House of Whipcord)
bar man / Sam Kydd (901-The Projected Man; Passport to Pimlico)
Hubbard's girlfriend / Simone Silvera
2nd officer / Tom Kempinski (Othello)

Trivia: Born in 1916, ROY WARD BAKER directed many several British horror films including: 1970-The Scars of Dracula; 1970-The Vampire Lovers; 1971-Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde; 1972-Asylum; 1973-Vault of Horror; 1973-The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula; 1973-And Now the Screaming Starts; 1985-The Monster Club. He also directed many of the television episodes for The Saint and The Avengers.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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