(1950's?; 10m)

Shown with Short:
315S1-Aquatic Wizards
Shown with Movie:
315-Teenage Caveman

Short Type: Newsreel

Plot: With his faithful Indian sidekick, a so-called nature-lover trees a bobcat, bags rattlesnakes, and wrestles two bear cubs. What a man!

Released by: NTA (National Telefilm Associates Inc.)
News: Sportlight Presents

narrator / Ted Husing (Mr. Broadway; 1948's Olympic Games)
himself / E. Ross Allen, director of Florida Reptile Institute
Seminole Indian / unknown
abused wildlife / 1 bobcat, 2 bearcubs, 3 rattlesnakes

Classic Line: "So this is where my boyfriend knows his stuff."

Classic Line: "That's a bad limb. Hop to the next one, pussy."

Classic Line: "Put some salt on his tail, Mr. Allen."

Trivia: No doubt this newsreel came as somewhat of a shock to younger MSTies, perhaps not knowing what Americans considered the "humane treatment" of animals in the recent past. (Of course, you can still go big game hunting in Texas. Sheesh.) Let's just hope ROSS ALLEN became gator-bait at the Florida Reptile Institute.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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