319S - MR. B NATURAL (1960's; 18m)

Shown with Movie: 319-War of the Colossal Beast

Short Type: Industrial

Plot: A prancing androgynous musical pixie shows an impressionable lad the importance of learning how to play a musical instrument.

Prod: Kling Film Productions
For: C.G. Conn Ltd.,
The World's Largest Manufacturer of Band Instruments
Dir: Phil Patton (The Snow Queen)
Scr: Marvin David
Cin: David Savitt
Ed: Arthur Ellis (His Double Life; The Scoundrel)

Mr. B Natural / Betty Luster*
Buzz Turner / Bruce Podewell

Other Characters (actors unknown):
Mr. and Mrs. Turner, store salesman, Jeannie, Stan, Peg, Fred

Classic Line: "Knew your father, I did!"

Classic Line: "Come on! Grab your horn or we'll be late!"

Classic Line: "You gotta inspect your horn, boy..."

Trivia: This short was filmed at the Waukegan (Illinois) Elementary School and Miami (Ohio) Sr. High School.

Besides being in the 1955 play The Wayward Saint, BETTY LUSTER appeared on two television shows in the early 1950's.

Her first TV job was on the CBS show Sing It Again (1950-51), which was originally a radio program. It was a game show in which contestants tried to identify a song from the first few notes and was obviously a precursor to the similar game show Name That Tune. Betty was probably the singer on that program.

Her second was on the NBC show Seven at Eleven, which was only on the air for one month in 1951. The three singers were Betty, Denise Lor, and Jack Stanton. The rest of the cast included Jerry Luster (her husband?), host George DeWitt, comic Sid Gould, and bandleader Milton DeLugg (321-Santa Claus Conquers the Martians).

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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