(video title; 2/3/1984 and 2/10/1984; 1983; NR; 92m)

a.k.a. THE MASTER (NBC-TV series)

Ad: "The 2-man army fights terror from the sky! Max and the Master storm a mountain fortress to rescue a beautiful hostage!"

Plot: Max and the Master help a pretty cannery unionizer, and later rescue a senator's kidnapped daughter.

Exec: Michael R. Sloan (322-Master Ninja I; assoc/Tombstone)
SFX: Phil Cory (322; Annie; Funny Lady)
Stunt Coor/Ninja Chor: Sho Kosugi (322)
Stunt Coor: Gary Charles Davis (322; Ghost)
Sound: Glen Glenn (322; 105-The Corpse Vanishes; K19-Hangar 18)
Score: Karl Michael Demer (322; 213-Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster;
301-Cave Dwellers; 303-Pod People)
Theme: Bill Conti (322; score/Private Benjamin; Broadcast News)

Main Performers:
John McAllister / Lee Van Cleef
(322; *311-It Conquered the World; For A Few Dollars More)
Max Keller / Timothy Van Patten (322; TV's White Shadow)
Okasa / Sho Kosugi (322; Blind Fury; Phoenix the Ninja)
Henry the Gerbil / Henry the Hamster (322)

Prod: Joe Boston (TV's Broken Promise)
Dir: Alan Myerson (Police Academy 5; Private Lessons)
Scr: Susan Woollen (TV's Father Dowling Mysteries)

Guest Stars:
Chad Webster / Cotter Smith (Midnight's Child; K-9; Broken Badge)
Carrie Brown / Crystal Bernard (TV's Wings; country music singer)
Ralph Carter / Ritch Brinkley (Cabin Boy; Silhouette)
Hog / Mickey Jones (Drop Zone; Forced to Kill)
Harold / Davis Roberts (Westworld; Honky Tonk Freeway)
cannery worker / Ellen Crawford (Best Defense; Teachers)
Sandy / Sandy Edgerton (TV's Dangerous Women)
Ricky / Rick Najera (Red Surf)
Asian girl / Julie Ow (A Sure Thing; Bert Rigby, You're A Fool)
man / Steffen Zacharias (The Ice Pirates; Irreconcilable Differences)
girl / Debbie Christoffersen (Round Numbers)
man on dock / Henry Wills (Beastmaster; Night of the Lepus)

Dir: Ray Austin
(322; Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman)

Guest Stars:
Mallory / George Lazenby (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
Alicia Clayton / Jennifer Runyon (A Very Brady Christmas)
CIA head / Monte Markham*
terrorist Serinna / Randi Brooks (Hamburger-The Motion Picture)
Castile / David McCallum (TV's The Man From U.N.C.L.E)
Senator Clayton / Robert Dowdell (Macho Callahan; The Initiation)
Masterson / Robert Hoy
(801-Revenge of the Creature; 803-The Mole People)
John Palin / Wolf Muser (Barbarosa; Kiss Me Goodbye)
third hostage / Haskell V. Anderson III (Brotherhood of Death)
Forbes / Stephen Andrews (Striker)
first hostage / Kiva Lawrence (Swamp Country; Schizoid)
second hostage / George Schardt
terrorist waiter / Hany Ghorra (One Man Jury)
terrorist waiter / Dick Warlock (Rollerball; Halloween 2-3)
terrorist waiter / Hal Burton (Overboard; Feds; The Secret Admirer)
terrorist waiter / Mike Muscat (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)
terrorist waiter / Dino Scofield (Prehysteria 2; Eden 3 & 4)
terrorist waiter / Fiona Guinness

Trivia: Born in 1935 and a favorite of Frank Conniff, actor MONTE MARKHAM has found work mostly in TV movies and notably in these series: 1967-The Second Hundred Years; 1969-Mr. Deeds Goes To Town; 1973-The New Perry Mason; 1981-Dallas; and 1984-Rituals. His films include: 1973-Ginger in the Morning; 1976-Midway; 1977-Airport 77; 1983-Off the Wall; and 1988-Judgment Day.

Last Updated: 6/21/1999

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