(video title; 1/20/1984 and 1/27/1984; 1983; NR; 93m)

a.k.a. THE MASTER (NBC-TV series)
episodes MAX and OUT-OF-TIME-STEP

Ad: "The Master Is Here! He's the supreme warrior. Even his eyes can kill you. His student is the supreme heartthrob. His eyes can melt you."

Ad: "Laughter and Action! One Master Against Another! Tonight, a battle to the death across the rooftops of San Francisco!"

Plot: While searching for his long-lost daughter, the Master tutors Max, and saves an airport and a nightclub from thugs.

Exec: Michael R. Sloan (324-Master Ninja II; assoc/Tombstone)
Prod: Nigel Watts (TV's Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
SFX: Phil Cory (324; Annie; Funny Lady)
Stunt Coor/Ninja Chor: Sho Kosugi (324)
Stunt Coor: Gary Charles Davis (324; Ghost)
Sound: Glen Glenn (324; 105-The Corpse Vanishes; K19-Hangar 18)
Score: Karl Michael Demer (324; 213-Godzilla Vs. the Sea Monster;
301-Cave Dwellers; 303-Pod People)
Score: Les Hooper (TV's Tiny Toon Adventures)
Theme: Bill Conti (324; won score Oscar/The Right Stuff)

Main Performers:
John McAllister / Lee Van Cleef
(324; *311-It Conquered the World; Beast from 20,000 Fathoms)
Max Keller / Timothy Van Patten (324; TV's The White Shadow)
Okasa / Sho Kosugi (324; Enter the Ninja; Revenge of the Ninja)
Henry the Gerbil / Henry the Hamster (324)

Episode MAX:
Dir: Robert Clouse (Gymkata; China O'Brien; Enter the Dragon)
Scr: Michael Sloan (Assassin; Moments)

Guest Stars:
Holly Trumball / Demi Moore (A Few Good Men; Ghost)
Jason Trumball / Claude Akins (Rio Bravo; The Caine Mutiny)
Mr. Christensen / Clu Gulager (614-San Francisco International)
Sheriff Kyle / Bill McKinney (1008-Final Justice; She-Freak)
mechanic / Michael Abelar (The Crossing Guard)
truck driver / Gerry Black (National Lampoon's Vacation)
man in bar / John DiFusco (Breaker! Breaker!)
Jim Powell / Peter Looney (Oliver's Story)
bartender / W.T. Zacha (48 Hours)
na / John Lehne (Family Plot; Bound for Glory; Serpico)

Dir: Ray Austin (324; House of the Living Dead)

Guest Stars:
Jill Pattersen / Lori Lethin (Return to Horror High)
Kelly Pattersen / Shanna Reed (The Banker)
Jonathan Chan / Brian Tochi (The Omega Man; Revenge of the Nerds)
Charlie Pattersen / Charles Collins (The Wiz)
Mr. Lika / Soon-Teck Oh (The Final Countdown)
waitress Westerly / Colleen Shelley (TV's General Hospital)
Jerry / Dick Durock (The Swamp Thing; Return of the Swamp Thing)
bodyguard / Jeff Imada (Going Berserk)
bodyguard / Bill Saito (Hong Kong Confidential; Rollercoaster)
lady on phone / Andrea Clay

Trivia: THE MASTER was on NBC only from January-August 1984.

Last Updated: 6/21/1999

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