421 - MONSTER A GO-GO (1965; NR; 70m)

a.k.a. MONSTER A GO-GO! (variation)
a.k.a. TERROR AT HALFDAY (working title for unfinished film)

Shown with Short: 421S-Circus on Ice

Ad: "A Way-Out Tale of a Far-Out Monster!"
Ad: "An Astronaut Went Up...A 'Guess What' Came Down!"
Ad: "How did a 10-foot-tall monster get into that little bitty space capsule?"
Ad: "The Picture That Comes Complete with a 10-Foot-Tall Monster to Give You the Wim-Wams!"
Ad: "You've Never Seen A Picture Like This--Thank Goodness!"

Plot: Missing astronaut is suspected of being radioactive...and a murderer!

Prod/Dir/Scr: Bill Rebane (prod/dir/810-The Giant Spider Invasion)
Prod/Scr: Sheldon S. Seymour a.k.a. Herschell Gordon Lewis*
Dir: Herschell Gordon Lewis (She Devils on Wheels)
Scr: Jeff Smith
Scr: Don Stanford (TV's The Horsemasters)
Cin: Frank Pfeiffer
Ed: Thomas Casey (cin/Flesh Feast)
Ed: Peter Geilfhoyte
Cos: Marigail Moreland
Cos: Barbara Rebane (asst dir/810; The Capture of Bigfoot)
M/U: Lillian Toth (Code of Silence)
Asst Dir: Stu Taylor (also actor)
PMgr: Andy Romanoff (Two Thousand Maniacs)
PDes: Seymour Sheldon a.k.a. Herschell Gordon Lewis
Sound Eng: Paul Allen
Sound Rec: George Turck
Sound Mixer: Howard Warren (Flipper; Porky's Revenge)
Music: The Other Three

giant astronaut / Henry Hite
with Phil Morton
June Travis (The Star)
George Perry
Lois Brooks
Rork Stevens
Robert Simons
Stu Taylor (also asst dir)
Lorri Perry
Del Clark
Peter Thompson (A Yank in Ermine)
Art Scott
Leonard Golstein
Aviva Crane
Dean Temple
Barry Hopkins (The Prime Time)
John Bassier
Rick Paul

Trivia: Director LEWIS quickly needed another movie to co-feature with Moonshine Mountain. So he bought REBANE's unfinished film, added a couple scenes with new dialogue, and presto...a movie with no continuity and no sense! Plus actors had to make their own sound effects... Brrrriiinngg!

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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