(1975; PG; 82m)

co-billed with 212-GODZILLA VS. MEGALON

Ad: "Creeping!...Crawling!...Crushing!"

Plot: A farmer thinks he's found diamonds, but they're really the eggs of a giant spider which came from a nearby meteorite.

Exec: William W. Gillett Jr. (also actor)
Prod/Dir: Bill Rebane (421-Monster A Go-Go; Capture of Bigfoot)
Prod/Scr/Sto: Richard L. Huff
Assoc Prod/Cin: Jack Willoughby (Up In Smoke; Run Like A Thief)
Assoc Prod: Dick Plautz
Asst Dir: Kevin Brodie (also actor; dir/Treacherous)
Asst Dir/Unit Mgr: Barbara Rebane (Capture of Bigfoot; cos/421)
Scr: Robert Easton* (also actor)
Ed: Barbara Pokras (Boxcar Bertha; Crazy Mama)
SFX/giant spider: Robert Millay
SFX: Richard Albain (Strait-Jacket; New York, New York)
Cos: Robin Brodie
Hair: Sue Brodie
M/U: Tom Schwartz (Hell Night; The Return)
Set/Sco: Ito Rebane (dir/Invasion from Inner Earth)
Set: Jutta Rebane
Sound FX Ed: Jim Ryan
Sco: John Arrufat

Dr. Charles Vance / Steve Brodie (515-Wild World of Batwoman)
Dr. Jenny Langer / Barbara Hale*
Dan Kester / Robert Easton*
Ev Kester / Leslie Parrish (The Manchurian Candidate)
Sheriff Jones / Alan Hale Jr.
(*106-The Crawling Hand; 622-Angels Revenge)
Dutch / Bill Williams*
Dave Perkins / Kevin Brodie (Night of the Grizzly; Eight on the Lam)
Terry / Dianne Lee Hart (Cannonball; The Pom Pom Girls)
preacher / Tain Bodkin (At Gunpoint)
Billy Kester / Paul Bentzen (Invasion from Inner Earth)
deputy / J. Stewart Taylor (guest/TV's Perry Mason)
Helga / Christianne Schmidtmer (Fanny Hill; Boeing Boeing)
Paul Rider / William W. Gillett Jr. (also exec)
Joe Cooper? / David B. Hoff

Classic Line: "Oh, Dan, wait. You forgot your backbrace."

Classic Line: "You're so dumb, you wouldn't know rabbit turds from Rice Krispies."

Classic Line: "I told the lush that I had to come in and see my cousin about some hot rocks."

Trivia: The giant spider sat on a Volkswagon chassis with a human at the wheel, and another eight men were inside to control each leg.

Born in 1930 as Robert Burke, busy character actor ROBERT EASTON usually played dumb hicks, because his accent was so good. It's amazing to learn that he spent most of his career not performing, but as a dialect coach to many famous actors, including Laurence Olivier and Gregory Peck. Easton did the voice for the marionette characters Phones and X-20 in the British 1965 TV series "Stingray", episodes of which were included in the the TV-movie K01-INVADERS FROM THE DEEP. He also played the mob leader in 908-THE TOUCH OF SATAN. He made many guest appearances on TV shows including "The Munsters". Other Easton movies include: 1951-Red Badge of Courage; 1953-Neanderthal Man; 1961-Voyage to The Bottom of the Sea; 1965-The Loved One; 1969-Paint Your Wagon; 1977-Pete's Dragon; 1988-Working Girl; 1991-Star Trek VI; and 1993-Needful Things.

Actors BILL WILLIAMS and BARBARA HALE were real-life husband and wife, and their son is William Katt. Born Herman Katt, Bill Williams (1916-1992) made over 60 movies, mostly Westerns, some co-starring his wife. Barbara Hale is most famous for her role as the efficient legal secretary Della Street on the long-running TV series "Perry Mason," a role which she repeated in 30 TV-movies. Most familiar for his leading role on TV's "The Greatest American Hero," their son played Paul Drake Jr. in some of the Perry Mason TV-movies.

Last Updated: 6/10/1999

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