(1986; Canada; R; 89m)

Ad: "Her Power Goes Beyond Life...His Rage Survives Even Death!"

Plot: Voodoo queen brings back to life a dead teen who seeks revenge on his killers.

Exec: Sheldon S. Goldstein
Prod: Pierre Grise (Belle Noiseuse; Antigone)
Assoc Prod: Eleanor Hilowitz
Assoc Prod: Charles Storms
Dir: Jack Bravman (prod/The Carpenter)
Asst Dir: John Fasano
(dir/Rock'n'Roll Nightmare)
Scr: David Wellington (A Man in Uniform)
Cin: Robert Racine
Ed: David Franko
SFX: Anthony Bua (also actor)
SFX: Andy Clemens
SFX: Jean Marc Cyr
(In the Belly of the Dragon)
Cos: Terry Joseph (set/The Carpenter)
M/U: Macha Colas
ADir: David Blanchard (Silent Hunter; Never Too Late)
Sound: Michael Gyzelek
Songs by: Thor (headlined by Jon Mikl Thor)
Songs by: Motorhead (featuring Lemmy Kilminster)
Songs by: Fist
Songs by: Deathmask
Songs by: Girlschool
(Kim McAuliffe, Kelly Johnson, Enid Williams, Denise Dufort)

Captain Tom Churchman / Adam West*
Tony Washington / Jon Mikl Thor (Rock'n'Roll Nightmare)
Amy / Tia Carrere (Wayne's World 1 & 2; True Lies)
Detective Frank Sorrell / Frank Dietz (The Jitters)
Molly Mokembe / Manuska Rigaud
Louise Washington / Francesca Bonacorsa
William Washington / John Fasano (Rock'n'Roll Nightmare)
Maggie / Linda Singer (Junior)
teen mugger / Tony Blauer
teen mugger / Mark Kulik (Toby McTeague)
young Tony Washington / Jesse D'Angelo (Rock'n'Roll Nightmare)
young Molly Mokembe / Tracy Biddle (Snake Eater II)
Bob / Allan Fisher (Stopping Time; Young Nurses in Love)
Peter / Hamibh McEwen (TV's Elvis Meets Nixon)
Susie / Manon E. Turbide
Jim Batten / Shawn Levy (Wild Thing; Made in America)
man at disco / Philip Pretten (Lifeforce Experiment)
man's date / Linda Smith (The Phone Call; Hardcore)
disco bouncer / Michael D'Amico (Ladies Room)
Mr. Peters / Walter Massey (Gas; Happy Birthday to Me)
Mary Batten / Gail Garfinkle (The Hotel New Hampshire)
Fred Batten / James Rae (The Paper Boy)
Joe / Charly Biddle
cop / David Gow (Used People; Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle)
cop / Andre Bavard
cop / Gaston Perreault
cop / Jay Boivin (Pick-Up Summer)
medical examiner / Dean Hagopian (Scanners; Brainscan)
punk / Anthony Bua (Black Roses; also sfx)
punk / Yvon Grise

Trivia: Born William West Anderson, ADAM WEST was typecast as a lightweight actor after playing the title role on the campy TV series Batman (1965-1968), but his self-deprecating sense of humor has kept him working. You may have seen him hosting the 1994 MST Turkey Day bumpers. His films include: 1959-The Young Philadelphians; 1962-Geronimo; 1963-Tammy and the Doctor; 1964-Robinson Crusoe on Mars; 1965-The Outlaws Is Coming (with aged Three Stooges); Mara of the Wilderness; 1966-Batman (movie version of his TV series); 1971-Marriage of a Young Stockbroker; 1978-Hooper; 1980-The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood; 1982-Swamp Thing; 1985-Young Lady Chatterly 2; and 1990-Omega Cop.

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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