603 - THE DEAD TALK BACK (1993; 1957; NR)

Shown with Short: 603S-The Selling Wizard

Plot: A freelance scientist invents a machine which, he claims, will allow him to talk with the dead and solve a woman's murder.

Prod/Dir/Scr: Merle S. Gould (The Body Is A Shell)
Cin: none credited
Music: The Continentals with Janice Smith;
Don Cheek & George Rhoden on bongos

Henry Krasker / Aldo Farese
Lt. Lewis / Scott Douglas (The Astounding She Monster)
Renee Coliveil / Laura Brock
Harry / Earl Sands
Raymond Milburn / Myron Natwick (The Ice Pirates)
Chirty Mattling / Kyle Stanton
Tony Pettini / Sammy Ray
Frits Kreuger / Curtis Roberts
Alice Corman / Rose Gorman
Denny / Dennis Gould (The Natural)
Don Harris / Don Parker
(Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen)
Harold Yonger / Mat Maracco
Hope Byington / Jane Pritchard
Ronny / Ronnie Gould
Sarah Stroil / Betty Ruth
first photo receptionist / Lyn Douglas (TV's A House Full of Men)
second photo receptionist / Eileen Leavitt
photo customer / Betty Winnick
photographer's model / Grace Quinn
cops / Gil Martin, J.S. Serfozo
singer / Janice Smith
bongo players / Don Cheek, George Rhoden

Trivia: Nothing is known about this odd little independent film, except that it was never released. It does appear that besides the floating stool, the only other special effects were the actors' bad haircuts.

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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