Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 816

(1964/USA; 1959/Japan; NR; 83m)

a.k.a. YUSEI OJI (original/Japan);
a.k.a. INVADERS FROM SPACE (alternate)

Plot: Chicken-nosed, saggy-suited aliens want to take over the Earth, but their plans are thwarted by the invincible Prince of Space, who's a shoeshine boy in his off-hours.

Prod/USA: Walter H. Manley (K00-The Green Slime)
Dir: Eijiro Wakabayashi (TV ep/Gekko Kamen: Satan No Tsume)
Scr: Shin Morita (819-Invasion of the Neptune Men; pmgr/Mothra)
Cin: Masahiko Iimura (Faraway Sunset)

Wally a.k.a. The Prince of Space / Tatsuo Umemiya
(Final War; Spoils of the Night)
Phantom of Krankor? / Joji Oda a.k.a. Joji Oka
(Hijosen no Onna a.k.a. Dragnet Girl)
with Hiroko Mine
Ken Sudoh
Nobu Yatsuna
Takashi Kanda (Return of the Giant Majin; Vacuum Zone)
Ushui Skashi

Classic Line: "Your weapons are useless!"

Classic Line: "You there! Discharge the caustic vapors!"

Classic Line: "What's the matter with bootblacking? Both of us like it VERY MUCH."

Classic Line: "Come closer!"
"I'm close enough, thank you anyway. The stench of your foul breath is more than my stomach can stand!"

Classic Line: "When will you ever learn your guns won't work on me?!"

Classic Line: "How many times do I have to demonstrate to you...your guns are worthless against me!"

Trivia: This PRINCE OF SPACE a.k.a. INVADERS FROM SPACE is probably not the same as the exactly-entitled Invaders from Space, which is mentioned in many resource materials and which was one of four feature films released in America also in 1964, compiled from the 1956-59 Japanese TV series Supah Jaiyanto (Super Giant) a.k.a. Starman.

And here's why this Drive-In Dirt's author thinks that the MSTed INVADERS FROM SPACE is not the same as the other Invaders from Space:

  1. Starman can fly, and obviously our Prince of Space does not fly. Sure, he leaps, hops, swishes, runs, flings his cape, feeds his bird, enslaves children, and shines shoes...but he doesn't fly.
  2. Starman Giant was played by actor Ken Utsui, who did not play the Prince of Space in the MSTed movie.
  3. The plot of Starman's Invaders from Space involved fighting Salamander Men, as opposed to the beaked aliens in our Prince of Space.
  4. A picture of Starman in Filmfax magazine confirms that Starman and the Prince of Space did not even dress alike: Starman wears a big cape, which he stretches out like wings. He only wears a white hood...doesn't even have that visor-helmet-hood-thingie, which our hero wears.

By the way and to further confuse the matter, the other three Starman movies are: 1957-Atomic Rulers of the World; 1958-Attack from Outer Space; and 1958-Evil Brain from Outer Space. None of them star the Prince of Space or its actor either. Nonetheless, odds are that they are just as loopy and confusing as PRINCE OF SPACE.

Last Updated: 6/10/1999

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