815 - AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.
(January 1966; 1965; NR; 84m)

a.k.a. Agent for h.a.r.m. (opening credits)

Plot: Encountering zany characters and situations, a James-Bond-spoof secret agent tries to keep a scientist from falling into the hands of the Russians.

Prod: Joseph F. Robertson
(106-The Crawling Hand; 108-Slime People)
Dir: Gerd Oswald (Crime of Passion; TV's The Outer Limits)
Scr: Blair Robertson
Cin: James Crabe (Sextette; Night Shift; Thank God, It's Friday)
Ed: D.E. Rollins
SFX: Harry S. Woolman (K19-Hangar 18;
704-The Incredible Melting Man; 706-Laserblast; Big Foot)
M/U: Marc Snegoff (204-Catalina Caper)
PMgr: Lou Place (311-It Conquered the World; dir/307-Daddy-O; actor/503-Swamp Diamonds; asst dir/806-The Undead)
ADir: Normand Boule a.k.a. Norman Houle (Big Foot; Evel Knievel)
Sco: Gene Kauer (518-The Atomic Brain; 621-Beast of Yucca Flats)
Sco: Douglas Lackey (The Proud and the Damned)

Adam Chance / Mark Richman*
Jim Graff / Wendell Corey
(*104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet; Sorry, Wrong Number)
Prof. Janos Stefanik / Carl Esmond (From the Earth to the Moon)
Ava Vestok a.k.a. Mara Taslov / Barbara Bouchet (In Harm's Way)
Malko / Martin Kosleck (The Mummy's Curse; She Wolf of London)
Luis / Rafael Campos (1002-Girl in Gold Boots; Blackboard Jungle)
Mid-Eastern contact / Alizia Gur (The Beast of Morocco)
Marian / Donna Michelle
(One Spy Too Many; was Playboy's Miss December 1963)
Borg / Robert Quarry (Dr. Phibes Rises Again; House of Bamboo)
morgue attendant / Robert Donner (204; TV's Mork and Mindy)
Billy / Steve Stevens (High School Caesar)
Helgar / Horst Ebersberg (Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice)
Conrad / Marc Snegoff (also make-up)
Schloss / Chris Anders (Secret of Santa Victoria; Raid on Rommel)
Harry Manson / Ray Dannis (The Undertaker and His Pals)
police lieutenant / Ronald Von
police officer / Robert Christopher (The Buster Keaton Story)

Classic Line: "You'd better go back to the Judo Range."

Classic Line: "You think you can't get hurt, doctor, because this is America...apple pie and all jazz? Well, my job is to keep the apple pie on the table, and nobody asks me how I do it!"

Trivia: AGENT FOR H.A.R.M. was originally filmed as a TV-pilot, but instead was released theatrically. By the way, H.A.R.M. stands for the Human Aetiological Relations Machine! After viewing this film, you may agree that the only thing vaguely interesting about this confusing yawner of a movie is that secretary's very long thumb!

Born in 1927, MARK RICHMAN a.k.a. Peter Mark Richman has been in a few movies: 1956-Friendly Persuasion; 1958-Girls on the Loose; 1959-The Black Orchid; 1968-For Singles Only; 1988-Judgement Day; 1989-Friday the 13th, Part 8; and 1991's Naked Gun 2.5: The Smell of Fear. He used his smarminess to his advantage playing a lawyer as a regular cast member on these TV series: 1961-Cain's Hundred; 1971-Longstreet; 1981-Dynasty; and 1984-Santa Barbara. But no doubt you recognize Richman by his numerous guest appearances in many TV series including: The Twilight Zone; The Wild, Wild West; Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea; The Invaders; Bonanza; Land of the Giants; Mission: Impossible; Cannon; Three's Company; The Bionic Woman; Knight Rider; Murder, She Wrote; Matlock; and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Last Updated: 6/10/1999

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