909 - GORGO (1961; 1960; England; NR; 76m)

Ad: "Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before!"

Plot: British sailors capture a Godzilla-wannabe and sell him to a circus, incurring the wrath of the monster's mother.

Exec: Frank King and Maurice King (both/Maya; Dillinger)
Prod: Wilfred Eades (The Violent Enemy)
Assoc Prod: James Leicester (scr/The Most Dangerous Man Alive)
Dir/Sto: Eugene Lourie (Colossus of New York)
Asst Dir: Douglas Hermes (Trog; The Day of the Triffids)
Scr/Sto: John Loring a.k.a. Robert L. Richards (Air Cadet)
Scr/Sto: Daniel Hyatt a.k.a. Daniel James
(Behomoth the Sea Monster)
Cin: Freddie Young*
Camera Op: James Mills (K09-Phase IV)
Ed: Eric Boyd-Perkins (Julius Caesar; Curse of the Mummy's Tomb)
SFX: Tom Howard (2001: A Space Odyssey; won Oscar/tom thumb)
Cos: Harry Haynes (Beat Girl; Ladies Who Do)
M/U: Stella Morris (Come Play With Me)
PSup: George Mills (First Man into Space; Blind Date)
ADir: Elliot Scott (Oscar noms/Who Framed Roger Rabbit, etc.)
Sound Ed: Archie Ludski (The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll)
Sound Ed: Peter Thornton (The Running Man)
Sound Rec: John Bramall (Oscar nom/Ryan's Daughter)
Sound Rec Sup: A.W. Watkins (Oscar noms/Doctor Zhivago, etc.)
Stunts: Peter Brace (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Stunts: Michael Dillon
(video game/loc mgr/Star Wars: Rogue Squadron)
Stunts: Peter Perkins (From Russia with Love)
Stunts: Connie Tilton (actor/When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth)
Stunts: David Wilding
Music Conductor: Muir Mathieson (Konga)
Score: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (Colossus of Rhodes)

Capt. Joe Ryan / Bill Travers (Born Free)
Sam Slade / William Sylvester
(814-Riding with Death; 818-Devil Doll; 2001: A Space Odyssey)
Sean / Vincent Winter (Three Lives of Thomasina; Almost Angels)
Prof. Flaherty / Bruce Seton (Prince and the Pauper; The Cruel Sea)
Prof. Hendricks / Joseph O'Conor (Oliver; Dark Crystal)
Dorkin / Martin Benson (Goldfinger; Cleopatra; The Omen)
Harry / Barry Keegan (Billy Budd; King of Kings)
Bosun / Dervis Ward (Ben-Hur; World of Suzie Wong)
McCartin / Christopher Rhodes (El Cid; Becket)
radio reporter / Maurice Kaufmann (Quatermass Experiment)
Admiral Brooks / Basil Dignam (Quatermass Experiment)
first naval officer / Thomas Duggan (Fury at Smugglers Bay)
first colonel / Howard Lang (Ben-Hur; The Trials of Oscar Wilde)

Trivia: The sounds the monster Gorgo makes alternate between an elephant's and a lion's.

Born in 1902, cinematographer FREDDIE YOUNG is most noted for his work with British director David Lean, who was the master of epic story-telling on the big screen. Young won three Academy Awards for films with Lean: 1962's Lawrence of Arabia starring Peter O'Toole; 1965's Doctor Zhivago starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie; and 1970's Ryan's Daughter with Robert Mitchum and Sarah Miles. He was also nominated for an Oscar for two non-Lean movies: 1952's Ivanhoe and 1971's Nicholas and Alexandra. Some other of Young's nearly 100 films are: 1939's Goodbye, Mr. Chips starring Robert Donat; 1946's Caesar and Cleopatra with Vivien Leigh; 1953's Mogambo starring Clark Gable and Grace Kelly; 1959's Solomon and Sheba with Yul Brynner; 1965's Lord Jim again with O'Toole; 1976's The Blue Bird starring Elizabeth Taylor; and 1982's Sword of the Valiant with Miles O'Keeffe!

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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