Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 910

(1991; 1990; Canada; NR; 92m)

a.k.a. QUEST FOR THE LOST CITY (1994 video)

Plot: Searching for info on his dead father, a wimpy teen becomes a target of an evil cult.

Exec: Fe Wills a.k.a. Felice Wills
Dir/Scr/Ed/Sound Ed: Tjardus Greidanus a.k.a. The Flying Dutchman
(asst dir/Sugar Town)
Asst Dir: Raelene Tulick
Asst Dir: Bryan C. Knight (TV's In Cold Blood)
Asst Dir/Sound Mix: Darin Wilson
(prod coor/Oklahoma City: A Survivor's Story)
Cin: Jim Stacy
Cin: Thom Best (The Boys Club)
Ed: Glen Ludlow
SFX Cin: Philip Letourneau (ed/Calgary Flames)
SFX Model: Bryan Pfahl
(pdes/TV's Ein Unverge Bliches Kanada)
M/U: David Trainor (best boy/Harper Valley P.T.A.)
Sound: Sean Bjornson
Sound: Kelly Zombor (Storm)
Score: Robert Skeet

Zap Rowsdower / Bruce J. Mitchell
Troy McGreggor / Christian Malcolm
(Soft Touch II)
Satoris / Shane Marceau (Killer Image)
Mark Pipper / Ron Anderson (Zina)
Aunt Betty / Bharbara Egan (TV's Noah)
Thomas McGreggor / Randy Vasseur
gas attendant / Bryan Knight
operator #1 / Catherine O'Connel
radio announcer / Felice Wills (also exec and marketing researcher)
cultist / Aus Greidanus (The Purse Snatcher; TV's Combat)
cultist / John Soldan
cultist / Frank Paynter
cultist / Dean Hinche
cultist / Cris Wiseman
cultist / Paul McKay (TV's Cruel Train)
cultist / Robert Bjornson
cultist / Jason Mauza
cultist / Brock Jones
cultist / Rick Robbins (Escape from Chernobourg)
cultist / Wayne Leppar
cultist / Brad Wroblesky
cultist / Adrien Mckechnie
cultist / Matthew Chipera (loc mgr/TV's Millenium)
cultist / Ken Yakiwchuk
cultist / Sean Jensen

Classic Line: "Rowsdower!"

Trivia: In a scene near the beginning of the movie, take a good look when the chainsaw-waging cult guy is coming through Troy's front door. There's already a pre-cut slit where the saw is supposed to go.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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