M00 - BLOOD HOOK (1986; R; 95m)

a.k.a. MUSKEE MADNESS (working title)

Ad: "Live bait...but not for long!"
Ad: "Fishing Was Never Like This!"
Ad: "You Can't Worm Your Way Out!"

Plot: People are mysteriously mangled by giant fish hooks on an isolated lake in Wisconsin.

Prod: David Herbert (prod/scr/Old Explorers; Object of Beauty)
Dir: James Mallon (prod/dir/scr/actor/T01-TV's MST3000; M01-Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie)
Asst Dir: JoAnne Garrette and Lee Stanford
Scr: Larry Edgerton
Scr: John Galligan (also actor)
Sto: Gail Anderson (is Eli Mallon's mother)
Sto: David Herbert; James Mallon; and Douglas Rand
Cin/Ed: Marsha Kahm (cin/Men in Love)
Still Photo: Michael Kienitz (M01)
Cos: Patsy Herbert
SFX M/U: Dale Kuippers (sfx/Caveman)
SFX M/U: James Suthers (sfx/Scared to Death)
M/U: Darcy Knight (The Cure; That Was Then...This Is Now)
Sound/Score/Singer/Music/Lyrics: Thomas Naunas (sound/M01)
Sound: Jeff Seitz (music rec/The Pallbearer)
Sound Mixer: Dominic Tavella (Ulee's Gold; Far and Away)
Sound Ed/Singer/Music/Lyrics: Brad Wray
Key Grip/Singer/Music/Lyrics: Kevin Murphy (scr/actor/M01; T01)
Singers/Music/Lyrics: C. Deming; Victoria Harper; Damian Harris (dir/Bad Company; Rachel River); Jeff Seitz; and J. Whitehead

Peter Van Clease / Mark Jacobs (Old Explorers; Goodfellas)
Ann Colbert / Lisa Todd (Dirty Dingus Magee; TV's Hee-Haw)
Rodney / Patrick Danz (adir/Midnight Temptations 2)
Kiersten / Sara Hauser
Finner / Christopher Whiting
Leroy Leudke / Don Winters
Wayne Duerst / Paul Drake (Beverly Hills Cop; Sudden Impact)
Evelyn Duerst / Bill Lowrie
Bev Duerst / Sandra Meuwissen
Denny Dobyns / Dale Dunham (Mighty Ducks; Stranger Within)
sheriff / Paul Heckman
Roger Swain / Don Cosgrove (Rachel River)
Sheila Swain / Bonnie Lee
Irving Swain / Greg Nienas
Ruth-Ann Swain / Julie Vortanz
grandfather / Donald Franke
young Peter / Ryan Franke
Dickie / Dana Remker
emcee / John Galligan (also co-scr)
emcee / Ron Kaiser

Trivia: BLOOD HOOK was made two years prior to the first MST episode shown on KTMA, but it's MST-related because of the people involved in making it. Besides being the premiere of the working relationship between MST3000's Jim Mallon and Kevin Murphy, this early Troma Studios release has much (de)merit on its own, with locale, dialogue and performances reminiscent of 303-POD PEOPLE. If you can get by all the blood, BLOOD HOOK is a decent little horror/comedy. Viewers will never forget the Barco-lounger out in the yard. Oooo, that music hurts the plate in my head!

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