(1985; 1984; U.S.A./Italy; R; 90m)

Plot: A deputy goes after the Mafia hitmen who killed his boss.

Exec: Louis George
(622-Angels Revenge; Slaughterhouse Rock)
Prod/Dir/Scr: Greydon Clark
(622; Satan's Cheerleaders)
Assoc Prod: Daryl Kass (Joysticks)
Cin: Nicholas Josef von Sternberg
(Dolemite; Slaughterhouse Rock)
Ed: Larry Bock (Alligator; The Santa Clause)
Asst Ed/USA: Marcia Dripchak
(comp graphics/WarGames; vis fx/Meteor)
Asst Ed/Malta: Alfred Caruana (elec/Cutthroat Island)
SFX: Mario Cassar (Cutthroat Island)
Cos: Joyce Aquilina
M/U: Lina Galea-Cumbo (also actor)
Hair: Iris Mifsud (also actor)
PMgr/Malta: Albert Galea
2nd Asst Dir: Michael Kissaun (actor/Trenchcoat)
Prod Coor: Peter George (dir/Surf Nazis Must Die)
Prod Asst: Gene George
Prod Asst: Dana Scott (stand-in/A Life Less Ordinary)
Set: Thomas Abdilla
Stunts: Teddy Borg, Alex Aquilina, Norman Aquilina
Stunts: Raymond Borg, Jesmond Bugeja, Alex Calleja
Stunts: Raymond Calleja, Elvisio Cannori, Frank Cassar
Stunts: Micki Farrugia, Lawrence Micallef, Robert Warden
Stunts: James Davies (actor/Underground; Wildest Dreams)
Sound Rec: Joe Debono
Music Sup: John Caper Jr. (Joysticks; Fraternity Vacation)
Score: David Bell (TV's Star Trek Voyager; Murder She Wrote)
Carnival Music: Moacir Santos (Karen, the Lovemaker)
Song by David Morgan: The Sound of Justice
Song by Bill Scott and Neal Ferraro: You Better Run
Song by Bill Scott and Larry Ketchell: Look at Me Dancin'

Deputy Sheriff Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III / Joe Don Baker (512-Mitchell; Walking Tall; Mars Attacks!)
Don Lamanna / Rossano Brazzi*
Palermo / Venantino Venantini (Ladyhawke; Hercules II)
Gina / Patrizia Pellegrino (Dinner With A Vampire)
Chief Wilson / Bill McKinney (322-Master Ninja I; She-Freak)
Maria / Helena Abella
Superintendent Mifsud / Lino Grech (Black Eagle)
young officer / Tony Ellul
Fosta / Joe Theuma
Anna / Bettina Amato-Gauci
bartender / Joe Quattromani (Black Eagle; Trenchcoat)
stewardess / Odetta Balzan
taxi driver / Josie Coppini (Black Eagle; Iron Warrior)
man pouring beer / John Suda (Black Eagle; Der Skipper)
Tony Palermo / Elvisio Cannori (also stunts)
village woman / Josephine Mahoney
village boy / Jan Karl Farrugia
village girl / Marie Klaire Farrugia
mother in plaza / Iris Mifsud (also hair)
boy in plaza / Silvan Mifsud
Paola / Paola Marcari
prostitute / Rachel Gambin
fire-eater / Charles Tahir
passport control / Joe Gatt
waiter / Charles Take
woman in church / Lina Galea-Gumbo (Black Eagle)
priest / Paul Mizzi
police entrance guard / Mark Haber
(Somebody Killed Her Husband)
white-haired hood / Tony Cassar-Darien
sitting drunk / Lino Cassar
walking drunk / Larry Bock (also editor)
Sheriff / Greydon Clark (also dir; Satan's Sadists)

Classic Line: "Go ahead on."

Trivia: It's a shame that ROSSANO BRAZZI (1916-1994) had to make this movie near the end of such a distinguished career, although it wasn't his only loser. This handsome Italian leading man made many memorable films in his native country as well as in America.

Brazzi's notable English-language films include: 1949's Little Women with June Allyson and Elizabeth Taylor; 1954's Three Coins in the Fountain with Clifton Webb, and The Barefoot Contessa with Ava Gardner and Humphrey Bogart; 1955's Summertime with Katharine Hepburn and directed by David Lean; 1957's The Story of Esther Costello with Joan Crawford, and Legend of the Lost starring John Wayne and Sophia Loren; 1958's South Pacific starring Mitzi Gaynor; 1959's Count Your Blessings with Deborah Kerr; 1962's Rome Adventure with Angie Dickinson; 1967's The Bobo starring Peter Sellars; and 1981's The Final Conflict with Sam Neill.

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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