(USA release; 1958; 1957; England; NR; 87m)

a.k.a. THE TROLLENBERG TERROR (original/England)
a.k.a. THE CREEPING EYE (re-release)

Ad: "The nightmare terror of the slithering eye that unleashed agonizing horror on a screaming world!"

Ad: "A man dissolves...and out of the oozing mist comes the hungry eye, slave to the demon brain!"

Ad: "WARNING: If you've ever been hypnotized, do not come alone."

Plot: A mysterious cloud and a giant crawling eye terrorize an alpine village and behead mountain-climbers.

Prod: Robert S. Baker (Jack the Ripper)
Prod/Cin: Monty Berman (Jack the Ripper)
Dir: Quentin Lawrence (The Secret of Blood Island)
Asst Dir: Norman Harrison (Man in the Moon)
Scr: Jimmy Sangster (Jack the Ripper; Curse of Frankenstein)
Sto: Peter Kay (who also did the British TV series)
Ed: Henry Richardson (Octopussy; Oscar nom/Runaway Train)
SFX: Les Bowie (111-Moon Zero Two; won Oscar/Superman)
M/U: Eleanor Jones
ADir: Duncan Sutherland (The Hidden Room)
PMgr: Charles Permane (Blood of the Vampire)
Sound Rec: Richard A. Smith (House of Darkness)
Score: Stanley Black (City Underneath the Sea; The Young Ones)

Alan Brooks / Forrest Tucker*
Phillip Truscott / Laurence Payne (Ben Hur; Barrabas)
Sarah Pilgrim / Jennifer Jayne (The Medusa Touch; Hysteria)
Anne Pilgrim / Janet Munro (Darby O'Gill and the Little People)
Professor Crevett / Warren Mitchell (111; The Jokers)
Brett / Andrew Faulds (Cleopatra; Jason and the Argonauts)
Dewhurst / Stuart Saunders (Lawrence of Arabia)
Klein / Frederick Schiller (The Devil's Plot; Lady of Vengeance)
Hans / Colin Douglas (Ghost Ship; Night Creatures; Miracle in Soho)
Wilde / Derek Sydney (Violent Stranger; Carry On Spying)
first villager / Richard Golding (Violent Stranger)
second villager / George Herbert (Tales from the Crypt)
pilot / Garard Green (Zoo Baby; Jack the Ripper)
German woman / Anne Sharp (Blind Spot; Naked Fury)
first student climber / Jeremy Longhurst (The Gorgon)
second student climber / Anthony Parker (Caught in the Net)
Karl / Leslie Heritage
Fritz / Theodore Wilhelm (Murder at Site Three)
child / Caroline Glazer
na / Jack Taylor (Pieces; Panther Squad)

Trivia: FORREST TUCKER (1919-1986) has made some fairly good films (1940-The Westerner; 1946-The Yearling; 1958-Auntie Mame; and1970-Chisum), some bland ones (1950-The Nevadan; 1952-Montana Belle) and some turkeys (1958-The Cosmic Monsters; 1977-Walking Tall--The Final Chapter), but most of us know him for his role of Sergeant O'Rourke on TV's F-Troop. An episode of the WB Network's animated series Freakazoid did a remarkably observant parody of this movie, with Freakazoid in the Forrest Tucker role.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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