(USA 1964; 1957; Mexico; NR; 72m)

a.k.a. EL ROBOT HUMANO (Mexico/re-release?)

sequel to The Aztec Mummy (1957)
prequel to Curse of the Aztec Mummy (1959)

Shown with Short:
102S-Radar Men from the Moon
Chapter 1: Moon Rocket

Ad: "A Monstrous Nightmare!"
Ad: "See the Relentless Machine Battle the Gruesome Corpse!"
Ad: "Terror turned loose in a fight to the DEATH!"

Plot: An evil scientist makes a robot to fight an Aztec mummy and seize its gold breastplate and bracelet.

Prod/Sto: Guillermo Calderon a.k.a. William C. Stell
(521-Santa Claus; The Aztec Mummy)
Prod: Luis Garcia DeLeon (624-Samson Vs. the Vampire Women)
Prod/USA: K. Gordon Murray*
Dir: Rafael Portillo (Curse of the Aztec Mummy)
Dir/USA: Manuel San Fernando (624; Puss'n'Boots)
Scr/Sto: Alfredo Salazar (Santo Vs. The Kidnappers)
Cin: Enrique Wallace (Curse of the Doll People)
Ed: Jorge Bustos (The Aztec Mummy)
Ed: Jose Li-Ho (sound/La Pasion segun Berenice)
Ed/USA: J.R. Remy (Puss'n'Boots)
SFX/Robot: Viana & Co.
ADir: Javier Torres Torija (pdes/The Aztec Mummy)
Sound: Luis Fernandez (The Aztec Mummy)
Sound Ed/USA: Charles Gaunce
Score: Antonio Diaz Conde (521; The Aztec Mummy)
Chor: Stella Inda (actor/Captain from Castille)

Dr. Edward Almada / Ramon Gay (Curse of the Aztec Mummy)
Flora Almada / Rosita Arenas (Curse of the Aztec Mummy)
Dr. Krupp a.k.a. The Bat / Luis Aceves Castaneda
(The Aztec Mummy; Curse of the Aztec Mummy)
El Tierno a.k.a. Bruno / Arturo Martinez
(113-The Black Scorpion; The Aztec Mummy)
Pincate / Crox Alvarado (Santo Vs. Capulina; La Loba)
with Alejandro Cruz (title role/1963's The Blue Demon)
Jorge Mondragon
(Samson and the Blue Demon Vs. Dracula and the Wolfman)
Emma Roldan (Museum of Horror)
Alberto Yanez (The Aztec Mummy)
Jaime Gonzalez Quinones (Seven Cities of Gold)
Julian de Meriche (The Aztec Mummy)
Angel d'Esteffani
Enrique Yanez (The Aztec Mummy)
Francisco Segura
Guillermo Hernandez (The Aztec Mummy)
Jesus Velazquez
Salvador Lozano (Rehearsal for a Crime)

Trivia: This DRIVE-IN DIRT author's hometown of Bloomington, Illinois is known for the headquarters of State Farm Insurance Company (Like a good neighbor...) and another homegrown product, K. GORDON MURRAY (1922-1979), son of a local funeral director (how appropriate). If you're watching a dubbed movie originally made in Mexico during the 1950's and 1960's, chances are Kenneth Gordon Murray is the one responsible for bringing it to the U.S.A.

When Murray wasn't driving his daddy's hearse, he was getting a toehold in the carnie sideshow business. With his contacts there, K.G.M. aided the casting director of 1939's Wizard of Oz in locating midgets for the movie's munchkin roles. The first films he distributed (only to drive-ins) were non-Mexican exploitation flicks Wasted Lives--The Birth of Twins and Why Girls Leave Home, about teenage pregnancies. His first Mexican acquisition was 521-SANTA CLAUS. In addition to 102-THE ROBOT VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY, Murray's other imports from South of the Border include: Little Red Riding Hood and Her Friends; Tom Thumb and Little Red Riding Hood; Puss N' Boots; Doctor of Doom; 624-SAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN; and Wrestling Women Vs. the Aztec Mummy. He also got hold of some children's movies made in Bavaria.

By 1967, the demand for these types of films waned, so Murray started producing his own movies like Shanty Tramp, Savages From Hell, and The Daredevil. Even though Murray was successful in Florida real estate development, he couldn't shake the desire to work in film production, and would do so until his death from a heart attack at age 57.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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