103 - THE MAD MONSTER (1942; NR; 77m)

a.k.a. THE MAD MONSTERS (working)

Shown with Short:
102S-Radar Men from the Moon
Chapter 2: Molten Terror

Ad: "The Year's Most Terrifying Shocker!"
Ad: "Spine-Tingling! Blood-Chilling! Horror-Thriller!"
Ad: "One minute a harmless country boy...the next moment a sharling, ferocious Wolf Man! A human monster with fangs of a beast!"
Ad: "He created a beast...for vengeance! A monster comes to Life behind the barred door of the crazed scientist's laboratory...and seeks Human Prey!"
Ad: "The Terror of the Swampland!"
Ad: "The blood of a Wolf he placed in the veins of a Man!
...and created a Monster such as the world has never known!"

Plot: A mad scientist turns his handyman into a wolfman, then unleashes him on fellow scientists who scoffed at his claims that he could do it.

Prod: Sigmund Neufeld
(208-Lost Continent; The Sins of Jezebel)
Dir: Sam Newfield*
Asst Dir: Melville DeLay
(Nabonga; Jungle Siren)
Scr: Fred Myton
(Terror of Tiny Town; Shadows of Death)
Cin: Jack Greenhalgh
(208; 107-Robot Monster; Wild Weed)
Ed: Holbook N. Todd
(The Beast of Hollow Mountain)
SFX: Eugene Stone (Nabonga)
M/U: Harry Ross (208; 317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)
M/U: Harry Thomas (109-Project Moon Base; 320-The Unearthly; 423-Bride of the Monster; 602-Invasion USA; *616-Racket Girls; 618-High School Big Shot; 701-Night of the Blood Beast)
PMgr: Bert Sternbach (208; Nabonga)
PDes: Fred Preble (520-Radar Secret Service; Jungle Siren)
Sound Eng: Hans Weeren (Jungle Siren; Utah Trail)
Score: David Chudnow (Red Planet Mars; The Daring Dobermans)

Tom Gregory / Johnny Downs (Blonde Trouble; Hunted Men)
Dr. Cameron / George Zucco*
Lenora Cameron / Anne Nagel (Man Made Monster)
Grandmother / Sarah Padden (Angel on My Shoulder)
Pedro / Glenn Strange*
Professor Fitzgerald / Gordon DeMain (Behind the Evidence)
Susan / Mae Busch*
Professor Warwick / Reginald Barlow (Werewolf of London)
Professor Blaine / Robert Strange (The Walking Dead)
country doctor / Henry Hall (Murder by Television; The Ape)
father / Edward Cassidy (Son of Frankenstein; Three in the Saddle)
Jed Harper / Eddie Holden (Battle of Broadway; Torture Ship)
Professor Hatfield / John Elliott (The Magnificent Ambersons)
Officer Dugan / Charles "Slim" Whitaker (Tumbling Tumbleweeds)
Lt. Detective / Gil Patric (Adam's Rib; Cheyene Round-Up)

Trivia: THE MAD MONSTER is tied with 105-THE CORPSE VANISHES as the oldest MSTed movie. Actually, the oldest film is the serial 406S-UNDERSEA KINGDOM, released in 1936.

Director SAM NEWFIELD (1900-1964) did over 150 movies (mostly B-Westerns), four of which were MSTed: 103-MAD MONSTER; 208-LOST CONTINENT; 507-I ACCUSE MY PARENTS; and 520-RADAR SECRET SERVICE. Perhaps his most infamous film was made in 1938: The Terror of the Tiny Town, an all-midgetWestern.

Actor GEORGE ZUCCO (1886-1960) was first a British stage actor. His films include: 1935-The Man Who Could Work Miracles; 1939-The Hunchback of Notre Dame; 1940-The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; 1941-Topper Returns; 1945-House of Frankenstein; and 1947-Joan of Arc.

Huge character actor GLENN STRANGE (1899-1973) played the title monster in 1945's House of Frankenstein and 1948's Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Strange was most recognizable as bartender Sam on the TV series Gunsmoke.

Australian actress MAE BUSCH (1897-1946) is best known as the foil for Laurel and Hardy in some of their movies, like Sons of the Desert. Her other films include Prison Farm and The Ziegfeld Girl.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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