(1939 serial; NR; 265m)


Short Type: Serial

Chapter 1:

(shown with 203-Jungle Goddess)
Chapter 2:

(shown w/205-Rocket Attack USA)
Chapter 3:

(shown with 206-Ring of Terror)
Chapter 4:

(not shown on MST3000)
Chapters 5-12
(not shown on MST3000)

Ad: "12 Spine-Shivering Action Chapters!"

Plot: A mad scientist stages his own death, and later uses his huge robot, his invisible belt, and exploding spiders in a plot for world domination.

Assoc Prod: Henry MacRae (dir/The Price She Paid)
Dir: Ford Beebe*
Dir: Saul A. Goodkind (Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe)
Dialogue Dir: Lyonel Margolies (Green Hornet serial)
Scr: George Plympton (Junior G-Men; Jungle Queen)
Scr: Basil Dickey (Tarzan the Fearless; Flash Gordon)
Scr: Mildred Barish
Sto: Willis Cooper (Mr. Moto Takes A Chance)
Cin: Jerome Ash (Hi'Ya Sailor; The Strange Death of Adolph Hitler)
Cin: William Sickner (806-The Undead; Cheyenne Round-Up)
Ed: Alvin Todd (Flash Gordon; Green Hornet)
Ed: Irving Birnbaum (803-The Mole People; Green Hornet)
Ed: Joseph Gluck (Green Hornet; Chained for Life)
ADir: Ralph M. DeLacey (Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars)

Dr. Alex Zorka / Bela Lugosi
(*105-The Corpse Vanishes; 423-Bride of the Monster)
Captain Bob West / Robert Kent
(520-Radar Secret Service; The Country Girl)
Jean Drew / Dorothy Arnold (Secrets of a Nurse)
Dr. Fred Mallory / Edwin Stanley (Follow the Boys)
Monk / Jack C. Smith (Git Along, Little Dogies)
Lt. Jim Daly / Regis Toomey (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
Jarvis / Edward Van Sloan (Dracula; Frankenstein)
Mrs. Ann Zorka / Dora Clement (Under Western Stars)
Rankin / Anthony Averill (Girls on Probation; Mystery House)
Perkins / Hugh Huntley (The Bat Whispers; Lloyds of London)
Chief? / Monte Vandergrift (Private Worlds; Woman Chases Man)
na / Frank Mayo (The Gorilla Man; Confessions of a Nazi Spy)
na / James Farley (East Side Kids; The Dancing Pirate)
Mac / Eddie Acuff (The Outer Gate; Smashing the Rackets)
na / Reed Howes (613-The Sinister Urge; Zorro Rides Again)
Parker / Roy Barcroft (*102S-Radar Men from the Moon)
thug Smith / Robert Blair (Jesse James Rides Again)
road crew foreman / Lee J. Cobb
(Oscar nom/On the Waterfront; The Brothers Karamazov)
thug Brown / Karl Hackett (The Oregon Trail; Gangbusters)
car crash cop / Charles King (White Gorilla; The Cheyenne Kid)
na / Edward Norris (Queen Christina; Night Club Girl; Decoy)
Black / Forrest Taylor (Stars Over Arizona; Zorro's Black Whip)
stuntman in Robot suit / Ed Wolff (Colossus of New York)

Classic Line: "How fortunate! That seemplifies everything!"

Classic Line: "Leave go of me!"

Classic Line: "Are you going to take that disk?"
"I'll get it later. I'd hate to have one of those spiders find it in my pocket."

Trivia: FORD BEEBE (1888-1978) directed hundreds of low-budget westerns, serials, and second features including: 1938-Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars a.k.a. Mars Attacks the World; 1942-The Night Monster; 1944-The Invisible Man's Revenge; and 1949-Bomba the Jungle Boy.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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