207 - THE WILD REBELS (1967; R; 90m)

Ad: "They Live for Kicks...Love for Kicks...Kill for Kicks!"
Ad: "They're the Wildest of the Wild Ones!"
Ad: "ROD--a fast-driving...fighting fool!
LINDA--their Mama...never satisfied!
FATS--hate-angry...thrill hungry!
JEETER--the leader...knows no limits!
BANJO--savage, sadistic, brutal!

Plot: Helping the police, a guitar-toting racer goes undercover to infiltrate a biker gang.

Prod: Joseph Fink
(Devil's Sisters; Death Curse of Tartu)
Dir/Scr: William Grefe
(Death Curse of Tartu; Alligator Alley)
Cin: Clifford H. Poland Jr.
(Mission Mars; Honeymoon of Horror)
Cin: Harry Walsh
(The Wild Women of Wongo)
Ed: Julio C. Chavez
(ed/cin/Death Curse of Tartu)
Ed: Robert Woodburn
Ed: Monte Hellman (Head; Back Door to Hell)
M/U: Marie Del Russo (Death Curse of Tartu; Police Academy 5)
Set: Patrick Nielsen
Song: You Don't Know Like I Know (Alaimo)
Song: Can I Do It? (Birdwatchers)
Score: Al Jacobs (Death Curse of Tartu)

Rod Tillman / Steve Alaimo* (Hooked Generation; Alligator Alley)
Banjo / Willie Pastrano (former boxing champ; Alligator Alley)
Jeeter / John Vella (Sting of Death; More American Graffiti)
Linda / Bobbie Byers (Savages From Hell)
Fats / Jeff Gillen (Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things)
Lt. Dorn / Walter W. Philbin (The Hooked Generation)
W. Simpson / Seymour Eisenfeld
detective / Robert Freund
gunshop owner / Art Barker (Mission Mars)
bank guard / Cosmo Lloyd
driver / Dutch Holland
second sheriff / Emil Deaton (The Hooked Generation)
first sheriff / Tom Frysinger
bartender / Milton Smith (The Hooked Generation)
Nori / Nora Alonzo (The Devil's Sisters)
first man / Phil Longo
bank teller / William P. Kelley (The Hooked Generation)
college boy / Chris Martell (The Hooked Generation)
college boys / Gary Brady, Kurt Nagler, Steve Gellar
cop / Dennis French (Rough Diamonds)
cops / Aaron Deaton, Bob Sparks, Edward Wanisko,
Jamie Hickson, and Nick Bontempo

Trivia: Fans of this flick obviously would want to check out The Hooked Generation and Alligator Alley, which had the same director plus many of the same cast members from THE WILD REBELS.

A record album by STEVE ALAIMO, Every Day I Have To Cry, hangs on the wall at Best Brains studio. The title song is currently available on an oldies compilation, Solid Gold Rock and Roll. One (un)lucky MSTie actually owns the single, probably released in 1965, and also recalls seeing Alaimo host Miami's version of the TV show Where The Action Is. (Her therapist says she's doing much better now, having somewhat recovered from P.T.A.S. -- Post Traumatic Alaimo Syndrome).

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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