208 - LOST CONTINENT (8/17/1951; NR; 86m)

Ad: "Rocket 180,000,000 Years into the Unknown!"
Ad: "The Exploitation Picture of the Year!
Will TOP Rocketship X-M!"

Plot: In search of a lost missile, a crack government team do a lot of rockclimbing and encounter dinosaurs.

Exec Prod: Robert L. Lippert
(201-Rocketship X-M; 203-Jungle Goddess; 210-King Dinosaur;
520-Radar Secret Service; 611-Last of the Wild Horses)
Prod: Sigmund Neufeld (103-The Mad Monster; Miraculous Journey)
Dir: Sam Newfield (520/*103; 507-I Accuse My Parents)
Asst Dir: Stanley Neufeld (Phantom of the Jungle)
Scr: Richard H. Landau (Up Periscope)
Sto: Carroll Young (Tarzan and the Mermaids)
Cin: Jack Greenhalgh (103; 107-Robot Monster; White Pongo)
Ed: Philip Cahn (702-The Brute Man)
SFX: Augie Lohman (419-Rebel Set; Oscar nom/The Last Voyage)
SFX Opt: Ray Mercer (507/520/611;
613-The Sinister Urge; 621-The Beast of Yucca Flats)
Cos: Alfred Berke (611; Savage Drums)
M/U: Harry Ross (103; 317-Viking Women and the Sea Serpent)
PMgr: Bert Sternbach (103; Nabonga)
PDes: Frank Paul Sylos (Bride of the Gorilla; Danger Zone)
Dialogue Sup: Orville H. Hampton (201; Mesa of Lost Women)
Sound: Fred Lau (West Side Story; The Apartment)
Sound FX: John D. Hall (Oscar nom/sfx/The Invisible Woman)
Score: Paul Dunlap (419; 809-I Was A Teenage Werewolf)

Major Joe Nolan / Cesar Romero*
Robert Phillips / Hugh Beaumont*
Maria Stevens / Hillary Brooke (The Philadelphia Story)
Sgt. Willie Tatlow / Sid Melton*
Lt. Danny Wilson / Chick Chandler*
Michael Rostov / John Hoyt (When Worlds Collide)
native girl / Acquanetta (Tarzan and the Leopard Woman)
Stanley Briggs / Whit Bissell (809; TV's The Time Tunnel)
military police / Murray Alper (802; The Maltese Falcon)
Simmons / William Green (The Naked City)

Trivia: This movie's spaceship scenes are from 201-ROCKETSHIP X-M.

Manhattan-born, romantic Latin actor CESAR ROMERO (1907-1994) had a long, distinguished career in Hollywood. His grandfather, Jose Marti, is recognized by communists and expatriates alike as the Founding Father of Cuba. Though Romero's best known as the Joker on TV's Batman, he had a varied film career spanning the good (1934's The Thin Man; 1939's The Little Princess starring Shirley Temple), the fun (Weekend in Havana with Carmen Miranda), the bland (1940's The Cisco Kid and the Lady), to the campy (1985's Lust in the Dust co-starring Tab Hunter and Divine). He appeared as a guest star on dozens of TV programs from the 1950's to the 1980's. A bachelor throughout his life, somehow Romero was never pressured by studio heads to marry as were other leading men of his era who were suspected of being gay. Given the nickname Butch, he frequently was the handsome escort to many leading ladies at various events. In later interviews, he openly discussed the experiences and problems being a gay man in an Hispanic family and in Hollywood, but ever the gentleman, refused to answer questions regarding his affair with fellow actor Tyrone Power or anyone else.

Before hitting paydirt as Ward Cleaver on TV's "Leave It To Beaver", HUGH BEAUMONT (1909-1982) starred in many pictures (mostly B's) including: Objective Burma (1945); The Blue Dahlia (1946); and Phone Call from a Stranger (1952). MSTes also know him from 420-THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS and 803-THE MOLE PEOPLE. Contrary to what's reported in the MST3K Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, Hugh Beaumont was NOT the narrator of 602's short A DATE WITH YOUR FAMILY.

Affectionally known as "Monkey Boy" to the Brains and MSTies alike, character actor SID MELTON did few movies after finding success on various TV programs. Besides many guest appearances, he was a regular on four TV series: Make Room for Daddy a.k.a. The Danny Thomas Show (as agent Charlie Helper; starring Danny Thomas); Green Acres (as carpenter Alf Monroe); Captain Midnight (as Ichabod Mudd); and It's Always Jan (starring Janis Paige). Melton's films include: 1948's Close-Up; 1950's 520-RADAR SECRET SERVICE; The Steel Helmet; The Lemon Drop Kid (starring Bob Hope); Leave It to the Marines; Sky High; Stop That Cab (the last five released in 1951); and 1973's Hit. He also directed 1954's Bad Girls Do Cry (unreleased until 1965), considered by many to be an exploitation classic.

You can see character actor CHICK CHANDLER in the movies Mr. Moto Takes A Chance and Alexander's Ragtime Band. Chandler also played the fem angel Wilbur in the short 701S-ONCE UPON A HONEYMOON made in 1956.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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