(11/15/1966; NR; 74m)

a.k.a. THE LODGE OF SINS (working)
(per cast and crew, while filming)

Shown with Short: 424S-Hired! Part 2

Ad: "I Take Care of the Place while the Master is Away."
Ad: "It's Shocking! It's Beyond Your Imagination!"
Ad: "A cult of weird horrible people who gather beautiful women only to deface them with a burning hand!"

Plot: A traveling family gets lost, stays the night with Torgo, and meets his polygamous evil Master.

Prod/Dir/Scr: Harold P. Warren*
Cin: Bob Guidry*
Ed: Ernie Smith
Ed: James Sullivan (asst dir/Curse of the Swamp Creature)
Cos: Thomas Ivy
SFX Cos: John Reynolds* (also actor)
M/U: Jacqueline (Neyman?)
PSup: Jay O. Lawrence
Set: Tom Neyman (also actor)
Prop Painter: Stephane Goulet (props/Altered States)
Stunts: Bernie Rosenblum (also actor)
Stunts: Joyce Molleur (who broke her leg; also actor)
Score: Robert Smith Jr.
Song: Forgetting You (Manos theme)

The Master / Tom Neyman
Torgo / John Reynolds*
Maggie a.k.a. Mrs. Mike / Diane Mahree
Mike / Hal Warren a.k.a. Harold P. Warren (also director)
Debbie / unknown
Master's Wives? / Stephanie Nielson, Sherry Proctor, Robin Redd, Jackey Neyman, Jay Hall, Bettie Burns
cop? / William Bryan Jennings
teenagers in car / Bernie Rosenblum and Joyce Molleur

Classic line: "There is no way out of here. It will be dark soon. There is no way out of here."

Trivia: Director, screenwriter and star of MANOS, HAL WARREN luckily didn't quit his day job as a fertilizer salesman in El Paso, Texas, after making the movie in 1966.

Years later, Pat Ellis Taylor, the former wife of cinematographer BOB GUIDRY, wrote a tell-all newspaper article about their experiences on the set of Manos...actually on the ranch of ex-El Paso County Judge Colbert Coldwell. Among her tidbits: that the cast and crew all worked for speculative shares of the film's grosses which never materialized; that the hurried nature of the film is not an accident as HAL WARREN rented most of his equipment and rushed through many shots as the deadline to return the equipment neared; that as filming went on and the movie seemed to everybody to getting worse and worse, the "myth of the film developer" arose among the cast and crew: that somehow the film developer would make all the murky, dreary footage look scary and terrifying. Alas, this was not to be, and she admits to slinking out of the theater on the night of the movie's premiere in El Paso, while the lights were still off. Warren reportedly attempted to raise money for a sequel and another filmed called Wild Desert Bikers, but luckily was unable to find any backers after the disastrous first project.

Alas, no Torgo 2--My Knees Buggin' You?...reportedly JOHN REYNOLDS died of a drug overdose. In some versions of this story, it is said that Reynolds' slide into drug abuse was in part due to dispondancy over his performance in the film. Or perhaps because all his hard work on his costume was in vain: he built metal riggings as leg braces on the bottom of which reportedly were cloven-hooves. Apparently, the movie audiences saw something that we MSTies did not: Torgo's lower half was like that of a satyr...the guy was half-man, half-goat! Ewwwww....

Want to read more about MANOS?
Head to: http://www.smithway.org/mimosa/m18/18_p35.html

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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