(1985; 1983; Italy; R; 86m)

Ad: "The Rider" must destroy the evil Omega Force.

Plot: Post-nuclear biker is chosen to rescue a professor and later his daughter.

Exec: Eduard Sarlui (Alien Predator)
Prod: Roberto Bessi (Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe)
Prod: Frank E. Hildebrand (Vice Squad; Once Bitten)
Dir/Scr: David Worth*
Cin: Giancarlo Ferrando a.k.a. John McFerrand
(911-Devil Fish; Torso)
Ed: Cesare D'Amico (Detective School Dropouts)
SFX: Paolo Ricci (After the Fall of New York)
Cos: Fabrizio Caracciolo (The Cassandra Crossing)
Cos: Maurizio Paiola (Demons 3)
M/U: Otello Fava (1013-Danger: Diabolik; Seven Hills of Rome)
M/U: Stefano Fava (Fitzcarraldo)
PDes: Massimo Antonello Geleng (Doomed to Die; pdes/cos/911)
ADir: Giacomo Calo Carducci (pdes/Mean Tricks)
Score: Daniele Patucchi (Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears)
Song by Chrys North: Let Me In Your Life
Song by Sistina Choir: Remembering the Unknown Soldier
Chor: Pino Pennesi (Caligula)

Warrior / Robert Ginty (Exterminator 1 & 2; TV's Paper Chase)
Nastasia / Persis Khambatta (Star Trek--The Motion Picture)
Prosser / Donald Pleasence*
pilot / Fred Williamson (Black Cobra 1-3; Adios Amigo)
Professor McWayne / Harrison Muller (Miami Cops)
elder / Philip Dallas (Tentacles)
elder / Laura Nucci (We Still Kill the Old Way)
elder / Vinicio Recchi
Amazon / Janna Ryan (Rats)
Amazon / Consuelo Marcaccini
martial artist / Daniel Stephen (Warbus; 2020 Texas Gladiators)
martial artist / Stefano Mior
geek / Scott Coffey (Dream Lover; The Temp; Tank Girl)
geek / Goffredo Marcaccini
mercenary / Urs Althaus (Warbus)
mercenary / Lucien Bruchon (Domino)
mercenary / Nguyen Huu Phu
mercenary / Harrison Muller Jr. (The Lonely Lady)
trucker / Guiliano Rosati
trucker / Ennio Antonelli (Detective School Dropouts)
outsider / Russell Case (Robot Jox; The Last Temptation of Christ)
outsider / Hernani Moreira (Intimo)
Omega guard / Samuele Goldzader (Assisi Underground)
Omega guard / Massimo Liti (Once Upon a Time in America)
na / Elettra Baldassarri (Ladyhawke)
na / Jurgen Morhofer (Ladyhawke)

Trivia: Director DAVID WORTH says that he was hired, shipped to Italy, and told to begin work on the film....before he ever had a script. He was reportedly shown a poster for the film and told to make a film that would go with it. Among Worth's other film efforts are Lady Dragon 1 & 2.

Bald and sometimes menacing British actor DONALD PLEASENCE (1919-1995) frequently played the heavy, especially in his later films. He played Prince John in the Brit TV series Robin Hood starring Richard Greene. His other films include: 1955-The Beachcomber; 1957-A Tale of Two Cities; 1963-The Great Escape; 1964-The Caretaker; 1966-Fantastic Voyage (with Stephen Boyd and Raquel Welch); 1967-You Only Live Twice; 1969-The Madwoman of Chaillot (with Katharine Hepburn); 1977-Oh God; 1978-Halloween (and its sequels); 1979's 903-THE PUMA MAN; 1981-Escape From New York; and 1990-Buried Alive.

Last Updated: 6/25/1999

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