Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 911

911 - DEVIL FISH (9/7/1984; Italy; NR; 92m)

a.k.a. SHARK ROSSO NELL'OCEANO (original/Italy)
a.k.a. DEVILFISH (variation)
a.k.a. RED OCEAN
a.k.a. MONSTER SHARK (1986)

Ad: "Sink your teeth into pure terror."

Plot: A huge prehistoric octopus-shark monster gobbles up folks in Florida.

Prod: Mino Loy
(Battle of El Alamein; Concord Affaire '79)
Dir: John M. Old Jr. a.k.a. Lamberto Bava*
Asst Dir: Freddy Unger a.k.a. Goffredo Unger
(actor/410-Hercules Against the Moon Men)
Asst Dir: Gilbert Roussel a.k.a. Bruno Mattei (dir/Robowar; Rats)
Scr: Gianfranco Clerici (Cannibal Holocaust; The Last Match)
Scr: Frank Walker (508-Operation Double 007)
Scr: Herve Picini
Scr: Dardano Sacchetti a.k.a. David Parker Jr. (Demons 1 & 2)
Sto: Lewis Coates a.k.a. Luigi Cozzi (dir/scr/1983's Hercules)
Sto: Martin Dolman a.k.a. Sergio Martino (scr/Screamers)
Sto: Don Lewis
Cin: Giancarlo Ferrando a.k.a. John McFerrand
(501-Warrior of the Lost World; Torso; Screamers)
Ed: Bob Wheeler (Blastfighter)
SFX: Germano Natali (Suspiria; Inferno)
SFX: Ovidio Taito (adir/City of the Living Dead)
Cos/PDes: Anthony Geleng a.k.a. Massimo Antonello Geleng (pdes/501)
M/U: Victor Basil
Set: Bill Chappel and Sam Olsen
Score: Antony Barrymore

Peter / Michael Sopkiw (Blastfighter; Massacre in Dinosaur Valley)
Dr. Stella Dickens / Valentine Monnier (Three Men and a Cradle)
Sheriff Gordon / Gianni Garko a.k.a. John Garko (1983's Hercules)
Dr. Donald West / William Berger (1983's Hercules; Ironmaster)
Sandra Hayes / Iris Peynado (Ator the Iron Warrior)
Florinda / Cinthia Stewart a.k.a. Cinzia de Ponti (New York Ripper)
Dr. Janet Bates / Darla N. Warner
Dr. Davis Barker / Lawrence Morgant
Miller / Paul Branco
Sonja West / Dagmar Lassander (Black Emmanuelle 2; La Famiglia)
fisherman / Ennio Brizzlari (Thunder Warrior)

Classic Line: "For a woman who has the sensitivity of a the point of giving her lover the identical watch she gave to her husband as an anniversary present..."

Classic Line (Stella to Sonja): "Your equipment is much more up-to-date than ours."

Trivia: It's easy to see how LAMBERTO BAVA became interested in filmmaking. His father was the talented MARIO BAVA, director of 1013-DANGER: DIABOLIK (Lamberto was the assistant director) and cinematographer of 408-HERCULES and 502-HERCULES UNCHAINED (where Mario's bio appears). Lamberto worked on many of his father's films, plus directed some feature films as well as made-for-Italian TV-movies.

Last Updated: 4/3/1999

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