(copyrighted February 22, 1951; 11m)
prequel to MORE DATES FOR KAY (1952)

Shown with Movie: 503-Swamp Diamonds

Short Type: Educational

Plot: Gangly teen feels awkward asking a girl out on a date.

Prod: Coronet Films (*320S2-Appreciating Your Parents;
616S-Are You Ready for Marriage?)
Dir: Ted Peshak
(The Benefits of Looking Ahead; Shy Guy; Are You Popular?)
Scr: ? Bradford
Scr: George Tychsen (The Benefits of Looking Ahead)
Cons: Evelyn M. Duvall Ph.D., Natl. Council on Family Relations
Cin: Dale Sharkey (The Benefits of Looking Ahead)
Ed: Dick Kirschner (The Benefits of Looking Ahead)

Kay / unknown actress (616S; More Dates for Kay)

Other Characters (actors unknown):
Nick, Jeff, Phyllis, George, other teens, and the narrator

Classic Line: "Say, you enjoy lots of things, don't you?!"

Trivia: At the scavenger sale, Kay picks up and dusts what appears to be a genuine Tiffany lamp, which was quite unfashionable in the 1950's.

This supposed educational short was shown in high schools so that students could see what wholesome events were appropriate for dating. A few years ago, this same short was shown to inner city high school kids in Miami, Florida. They responded with expected laughter during its presentation, but then in discussion afterwards expressed that they missed out on more innocent, less stressful times.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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