612 - THE STARFIGHTERS (1964; NR; 84m)

Plot: A congressman doesn't want his son to learn to fly F-104 jets.

Prod/Dir/Scr: Will Zens (Hell on Wheels; Capture That Capsule!)
Cin: Leif Rise (To the Shores of Hell; Hell on Wheels)
Ed: Michael David (To the Shores of Hell)
PMgr: Robert Sands
Score: Stephen Paul

Lt. John Witkowski Jr. / Robert Dornan*
Major Stevens / Richard Jordahl (To the Shores of Hell)
Mary Davidson / Shirley Olmstead
Col. Hunt / Richard Masters (Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell)
Lt. Eugene Lyons / Robert Winston (Blood Thirst)
Lt. William York / Steve Early
Captain O'Brien / Ralph Thomas (Fate Is The Hunter)
Congressman John Witkowski / Carl Rogers (Capture That Capsule!)
Betty Lyon / Joan Lougee

Trivia: You might recognize ROBERT DORNAN...he's the red-headed, fiery-tempered conservative former congressman from California who ran an unsuccessful bid for the 1996 Republican nomination for President, then lost his House seat to an Hispanic woman in a hotly contested race the same year, losing by less than a thousand votes. Dornan was in these other movies: X-15; To the Shores of Hell; and Hell on Wheels. You also can see him in episode #6 of TV's I Dream of Jeannie!

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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