611 - LAST OF THE WILD HORSES (1948; NR; 84m)

Plot: A large ranch-owner fights with small ones over wild horses.

Exec: Robert L. Lippert (201-Rocketship X-M; 203-Jungle Goddess; 208-Lost Continent;
210-King Dinosaur; 520-Radar Secret Service)
Prod: Carl Hittelman (Little Big Horn)
Dir: Robert L. Lippert
Scr: Jack Harvey
(City Beneath the Sea; Unknown Island)
Cin: Benjamin Kline (Zombies of Mora Tau; The Giant Claw)
Ed: Paul Landres (She-Wolf of London)
SFX: Ray Mercer (208/520; 507-I Accuse My Parents;
613-The Sinister Urge; 621-The Beast of Yucca Flats)
Cos: Alfred Berke (208; Savage Drums)
M/U: David Sadler
Score: Albert Glasser (arr/201; sco/*309-The Amazing Colossal Man; 313-Earth Vs. The Spider; 315-Teenage Caveman; 317-Viking Women; 319-War of the Colossal Beast; 409-The Indestructible Man;
414-Tormented; 517-Beginning of the End; 602-Invasion USA)

Duke Barnum / James Ellison (I Walked with a Zombie)
Terry Williams / Mary Beth Hughes (*507; Timber Queen)
Jane Cooper / Jane Frazee (Under California Stars; Buck Privates)
Charlie Cooper / Douglass Dumbrille (Ten Commandments)
Sheriff Harrison / James Millican (Strategic Air Command)
Riley / Reed Hadley (Little Big Horn; Highway Dragnet)
Remedy Williams / Olin Howland a.k.a. Olin Howlin
(The Blob; Made for Each Other; Them!)
Rocky Rockford / William Haade (Kid Galahad; Union Pacific)
Curly / Grady Sutton*
Pete Ferguson / Stanley Andrews (Alexander's Ragtime Band)
Hank / Rory Mallinson (Cavalry Scout; Pride of the Marines)

Trivia: Born in Tennessee in 1908, character actor GRADY SUTTON is easily spotted in his many movies. He's always mild-mannered, soft-spoken and prissy, frequently playing an empty-headed hick or dandy. Some of his 100+ films are: 1925-Skinner's Dress Suit; 1934-Bachelor Bait; 1935-Alice Adams (starring Katharine Hepburn); 1936-My Man Godfrey (as Carole Lombard's convenient pseudo-fiance); 1937-Stage Door (again Hepburn); 1938-Alexander's Ragtime Band (with Don Ameche); 1940-The Bank Dick (with W.C. Fields); 1944-Since You Went Away; 1948-LAST OF THE WILD HORSES; 1954-A Star Is Born (starred Judy Garland); My Fair Lady (with Audrey Hepburn); 1965-Tickle Me (with Elvis); 1970-Myra Breckinridge (with Raquel Welch); and 1971-Support Your Local Gunfighter (with James Garner).

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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