701S - ONCE UPON A HONEYMOON (1956; 14m)

Shown with Movie: 701-Night of the Blood Beast

Short Type: Industrial

Plot: Waiting for her husband to finish song-writing so they can go on their postponed honeymoon, a woman dreams of new home decor with matching phones...with the help of an angel on the roof.

Prod/Cin: Jerry Fairbanks (*906S-Century 21 Calling)
For: Bell System (906S)
Dir: Gower Champion*
Scr: Kenneth H. Bennett
Scr: Leo S. Rosencrans (Anatomy of an Accident)
Ed: Milton Kleinberg
PMgr: John McKennon
Set: Theodore Holsopple (pdes/201-Rocketship X-M; Kronos)
Music Sup: Edward Paul (Miss Annie Rooney; The Bamboo Saucer)
M/L: Al Stewart (Along Came Jones; Queen of Burlesque)
M/L: Richard Pribor (orch/TV's Marge and Gower Champion Show)
Song: Castle in the Sky (sung by Gibson and Ellis)

Mary / Virginia Gibson (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; Athena)
Jeff / Ward Ellis (The Second Greatest Sex; War Drums)
producer Gordon / Alan Mowbray (The King and I)
angel Wilbur / Chick Chandler (*208-Lost Continent; Show Boat)
Sonya / Veronica Pataky (The Miracle of the Bells; Arabian Nights)
angel chief? / Russell Hicks (The Great Lie; The Flying Saucer)

Plus these characters (actors unknown):
seven men angels
two boy angels
three men in Gordon's office
Gordon's secretary

Classic Line: "Something is coming up in exactly thirty seconds."

Classic Line: "I don't have one idea to rub against another."

Trivia: Dancer, choreographer, actor and director GOWER CHAMPION (1919-1980) was married to Marjorie Bell. They were known as the dance team "Marge and Gower Champion" and had their own TV show in 1957. Most of his work was on Broadway as director and choreographer for such shows as: 1948's Lend An Ear; 1960's Bye Bye Birdie; 1964's Helly, Dolly!; and 1968's The Happy Time.

Partnered with his wife, Champion appeared in and served as choreographer for these movies: 1950's Mr. Music starring Bing Crosby; 1952's Everything I Have Is Yours; 1953's Give A Girl A Break with Debbie Reynolds; and 1957's The Girl Most Likely with Jane Powell.

He was a performer in these films: 1946's Till the Clouds Roll By with Robert Walker and Judy Garland; 1951's Show Boat starring Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel; 1952's Lovely to Look At again with Grayson and Keel; and 1955's Jupiter Darling starring Esther Williams.

Gower Champion only directed two feature films: 1963's My Six Loves starring Debbie Reynolds and Cliff Robertson; and 1974's Bank Shot with George C. Scott.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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