623S - THE DAYS OF OUR YEARS (1955; 20m)

Shown with Movie: 623-The Amazing Transparent Man

Short Type: Educational and Industrial

Plot: The disabling injuries of railroad workers effect those around them.

Pres By: Union Pacific Railroad
(520S-Last Clear Chance)
Prod: Dudley Pictures Corporation
Dir: Allen Miner
(The Black Pirates; Ghost Town)
Scr: Herman Boxer
(California Straight Ahead)
Scr: Joseph Ansen (The Golden Gloves Story)
Cin: Alan Stensvold (It's A Bikini World; Panic in the City)
Ed: Ernest Flook
Music: Howard Jackson
(Mr. Deeds Goes to Town; Tobor the Great)

Helen / Florence Shaen
Reverend / Reverend C.S. Reynolds
Joe Tendler? / Henry Rupp Jr.
old George Price? / William E. Hill
Lenny Bellows? / Bennie R. Wadsworth
narrator / Art Gilmore (When Worlds Collide; Tea for Two)

Plus these characters (performers unknown):
Fred and Grace Bellows
Mrs. Price
Charlie and Sue O'Neal
little girl with doll
retaurant cook and customers
two nurses and a doctor
church choir

Classic Line: "Accident haters, all of us."

Classic Line: "I was happy to be a part of Helen's dreams."

Classic Line: "A newborn's father is one of the most excitable people in the world."

Classic Line: "When you come near him, you come up smooth. You don't make sudden moves."

Classic Line: "I often stop by here for a cup of coffee. Whenever I do, I'm reminded of the things that happened to the people who weren't even there."

Trivia: As shown at the beginning of this short, its title is inspired by Psalm 90:10: "The days of our years are three score and ten..."

This short was filmed in the streets of Los Angeles. Note that all three accident stories were the fault of the worker, not machine or management. How convenient.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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