Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 820

(direct-to-video; 1988; 1987; South Africa; R; 93m)


Ad: "There Is Nowhere to Hide from the Enemy Within!"

Plot: After a mutiny, a captain needs help getting back control of his spaceship, The Southern Sun.

Exec: John De Kock
Exec: Hope Holiday
(Code Name Vengeance; actor/Raw Force)
Assoc Prod: Debbie Nethersole
(pmgr/Terminator Woman)
Prod/Dir: David Winters*
Scr: Maria Dante (dir/The Dangerous)
Cin: Vincent G. Fox (Wing Commander; Act of Piracy)
Cin: Andrew Parke (Lipstick Camera; Pumpkinhead II)
Ed: Bill Asher (sound ed/The Cape Town Affair)
Ed: Charlotte Konrad
Ed: Catherine Meyburon
SFX: Rick Cresswell (Never Say Die; Lunarcop)
SFX: Jerry Kitz (1001-Soultaker; New York Cop)
Cos: Yvonne De Necker (Warhead; Danger Zone); and Jill Klein
M/U: Debi Nichol (519-Outlaw of Gor)
M/U: Monica Silvera (asst cam/Steel and Lace)
PDes/ADir: Geoff Hill (519); Hostage)
ADir/Set: Ann Monn
Set: Roy Rudolphe (pdes/Scavengers; Crossing the Line)
Score: Tim James (Code Name Vengeance; Bounty Hunter)
Score: Steve McClintock (Code Name Vengeance; Bounty Hunter)
Score: Mark Macina (Speed; Speed 2; Con Air; Twister)

Dave Ryder / Reb Brown* (Howling 2; Sssssss; Robowar)
Comm. Elijah Kalgan / John Phillip Law
(*1013-Danger: Diabolik; Barbarella; The Golden Voyage of Sinbad)
MacPhearson / James Ryan (Kill or Be Killed; Kill and Kill Again)
Comm. Alex Jansen / Cameron Mitchell
(*305-Stranded in Space; TV's High Chapparal)
Dr. Lea Jansen / Cisse Cameron*
Capt. Scott Devers / Graham Clarke (Scavengers; Never Say Die)
Lt. Lemont / Billy Second (Hostage)
Steve Godell / Rufus Swart (Cyborg Cop; River of Death)
mortuary keeper / Arthur Hall (Scavengers)
Joseph Enforcer / Norman Anstey (Scavengers; Howling IV)
chief engineer / Rick Skidmore (You're in the Movies)
Kalgan's bodyguard / Guy Pringle
female lieutenant / Claudia Jacobs
Mohawk / Evan Klisser (American Kickboxer)
Blake / Chip Mitchell* (Brother from Another Planet)
Ranger / Gary D. Sweeny
Max / Mark Grayton
Norris / Dennis Robbins (TV's Buffalo Girls)
Sid / Kevin Kirby
Draker / Keith Carey
Colton / Colton Green (Everyone Says I Love You)
Zone / Chris Low
Trask / Neil Carrick
Fritz / David Rogan
Jennera / Madyelene Reynel
Jennera's voice / Camille Mitchell* (Omen IV)
Twana / Naomi Goldberg
Bellarian #1 / Vera McUllen
Bellarian #2 / Lisa Alexander (Zero Patience)
Bellarian #3 / Jeanet Moltke
Bellarian #4 / Ginette Reynel
Bellarian #5 / Laura Fremont (Beaches)

Classic Line: "You're much more attractive with your mouth shut!"

Trivia: The special effects in this movie may look very familiar to you...they were first used in the TV series Battlestar Galactica.

The Mitchell family infests this movie. In addition to CAMERON MITCHELL, his son CHIP MITCHELL portrayed mustachioed crewmember Blake and his daughter CAMILLE MITCHELL provided the voice (but not the body) for Jennera.

Wondering how the so-called actress CISSE CAMERON got a role in this movie? So are we. But REB BROWN must have been delighted she did. They met on the set and are now married.

DAVID WINTERS has had a varied film career. He's been a choreographer (1964-Pajama Party; 1976-A Star Is Born); an actor (1956-Rock, Rock, Rock; 1961-West Side Story); a director (1976-Welcome to My Nightmare; 1987-Rage to Kill; 1989-Code Name Vengeance); and a producer (1977-Young Lady Chatterly; 1990-Future Force; 1994-Raw Justice). Winters produced, directed, wrote, and starred in 1984's The Last Horror Film.

Last Updated: 7/19/2006

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