Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 1001

1001 - SOULTAKER (1990; R; 94m)

Ad: Trapped in the Twilight Between Life and Death!

Plot: Killed in a car accident, two teens try to evade The Grim Reaper.

Exec: Dennis J. Carlo
Exec: Ivor Royston and Charles Luria
(both/Dreams of Gold: The Mel Fisher Story)
Prod/Sto: Eric Parkinson (Grizzly Mountain)
Prod: Connie Kingrey
Prod: John Scherer (asst dir/Near Dark)
Prod: Anthony Dalesandro (Future Shock)
Dir/Ed: Michael Rissi (dir/Terror Eyes)
Scr/Sto: Vivian Schilling (also actor)
Cin: James A. Rosenthal (Not Again!)
Ed: Jason Coleman
SFX: Jerry Kitz
(820-Space Mutiny; title des/Skeeter)
SFX: John Lambert (prod/cin/Skeeter)
Cos: Sylvia Lawrence
M/U and Hair: Maurissa Bryant, Terry Barker, Ron Jacobs, Jeff Kent
PCoor: Debbie Jackson
ADir: Thad Carr
Sound Mixer: Bob Grant (prod mix/Deadly Addiction)
Sound Des: Phillip Allan
Post-Prod Sound: Larry Simeone (dir/The Gifted; Cop-Out)
Post-Prod Sound: Kami Asgar (assoc prod/Grizzly Mountain)
Post-Prod Sound: Tahamas Ray
Balloons: Balloons Are Everywhere
Score: Jon McCallum (Legend of Wolf Mountain)
M/L: Karen Lawrence, Fred Hostetler, Kevin Danzig, C.J. Buscalgia, and Mitch Diamond
Songs (Performed by Karen Lawrence):
What A Lovely Way to Go; Somewhere in Paradise
Songs (by The Kevin Danzig Band):
Happy Today; You Got Me Kelly
Song (by Kevin Danzig): Something Ain't Right
Song (by The Seven Year Itch): Kiss of Death
Songs (by Diamond):
Fight Fire with Fire; Lonely in Love; Rock the Nation

Soultaker a.k.a. The Man / Joe Estevez
(*904-Werewolf; Toad Warrior; Beach Babes from Beyond)
Natalie McMillan / Vivian Schilling (Savage Land; Future Shock)
Zach Taylor / Gregg Thomsen (TV's Santa Barbara)
Angel of Death / Robert Z'Dar*
Brad Deville / David Shark a.k.a. David Shark Fralick
(Future Shock; Executive Target)
Anna McMillan / Jean Reiner
Mayor Grant McMillan / David Fawcett (The Hudsucker Proxy)
Tommy Marcetto / Chuck Williams (Dark Rider; Puppet Master 5)
Sgt. Haggerty / Gary Kohler
Officer Mel / Dave Scott (Felony; TV's Challenge of a Lifetime)
store clerk / Peter Dach (guest/TV's Mad About You)
Candice / Cinda Lou Freeman
Karen / Meschelle Manley
Mr. Taylor / Charles Bosworth
Dr. Reiner / Jeff Deen
news anchor / John Edd Thompson (Felony)
on-air reporter / Eric McLendon
reporters / Bob Grant, Eric Parkinson
nuns / Barbara B. Patten, Anna H. Watts, and Eugene Walter
David Smith / Sammy Busby
orderly / Josef Holloway
nurse 1 / Kimberly Keltner
nurse 2 / Sally Daniel
dying lady / Alice B. Blake
dying man / George Wadlow

Plus these characters (performers unknown):
balloon peddler; girl kissed at Summerfest; three paramedics; John

Classic Line: "It's closing time."

Classic Line: "I still gotta take the pistons out, but hey, I'm finished grindin' the valves."

Trivia: Big-faced ROBERT Z'DAR has used his unusual countenance to his advantage, appearing in over 45 movies in less than 15 years! He is most known for his role in the Maniac Cop film series. In addition to 1004-FUTURE WAR, Z'Dar has appeared in: 1985's Hellhole starring Ray Sharkey and Judy Landers; 1987's The Night Stalker with Charles Napier and Cherry 2000 starring Melanie Griffith; 1988's Grotesque; 1989's Tango & Cash starring Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell; 1990's Dragonfight; 1991's The Final Sanction; 1992's The Legend of Wolf Mountain; 1993's Pocket Ninjas and Frogtown II; 1994's A Gnome Named Gnorm with Anthony Michael Hall; 1996's Red Line; 1997's Rock n'Roll Cops; 1998's Guns of El Chupacabra and Armageddon Boulevard. In 1999, we can look forward to seeing him play Assface in the movie Tyrone.

Last Updated: 4/16/1999

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