Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 1002

(1969; 1968; NR; 108m)

a.k.a. THE GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS (variation)

Ad: "She Murdered for Fame, but the Price Tag Was Too Much!"

Ad: "The glitz and glamor of being a big time Hollywood Go-Go dancer looked good from a distance, but up-close it was another story...this story."

Plot: A draft-dodger, a drifter, and his wannabe-dancer girlfriend get mixed up in a murder during the sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll era of the late 1960's.

Prod/Dir: Ted V. Mikels*
Assoc: Joe Andary
Scr: Leighton L. Peatman
Scr: Arthur A. Names and John T. Wilson
(both/Snakes; The Black Klansman)
Cin: Robert Maxwell (The Astro-Zombies)
Ed: Leo H. Shreve (Queen of Blood)
Cos: Nora Maxwell (The Astro-Zombies)
M/U: Gen Mikels
PMgr: Rod Wilmoth (also actor)
Sound: John Hopkins
Sound: Clark Will
(Hollywood High; Black Samson)
Sound: Sam Kopetsky (506-Eegah; dir/2069 A.D.)
Score: Nicholas Carras (Missile to the Moon)
M/L: Joe Valino (actor/The Commitment)
M/L: George Eddy (sound/The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant)
M/L: Jay Colonna (actor/I Am Curious Tahiti)
M/L: Jerry Wallace (actor/Friday the 13th Part 2)
M/L: Larry Cartell, Jody Daniels, Chris Howard, Danny Walton, Bobby Batson, Denise Norwood, Nick Busillo, Laurence Gray,
Dave Silverstein, and Jay Schlessinger
Songs (Performed by Chris Howard and The Third World):
The Girl in Gold Boots; Do You Want to Laugh or Cry;
For You; Hello, Michele; One Good Time, One Place
Songs (by Jody Daniels): Lonesome Man; You Gotta Come Down
Songs (by Larry Cartell): Cowboy Santa; Sin
Other Songs: Everything I Touch Turns to Gold;
Wheels of Love; Minnie Shimmy; Jimmy's Girl; Strange Things;
Don't Worry, Don't Hurry; Tomorrow and You

Critter Jones / Jody Daniels
(418-Attack of the the Eye Creatures; Hell's Chosen Few)
Michele Casey / Leslie McRae (Blood Orgy of the She-Devils)
Buz Nichols / Tom Pace (Blood Orgy of the She-Devils)
Leo McCabe / Mark Herron*
Joanie Nichols / Bara Byrnes (The Malibu Bikini Shop)
Marty / William Bagdad (Blood Orgy of the She-Devils)
Mr. Casey / Victor Izay (Blood Orgy of the She-Devils)
Harry Blatz / Harry Lovejoy (The Black Klansman)
Joey / James Victor (Executive Decision; Stand and Deliver)
officer / Rod Wilmoth (The Astro-Zombies)
himself / Chris Howard
gas station attendant / Mike Garrison (The Worm Eaters)
store clerk / Sheila Roberts
inmate Otis / Dennis Childs
motorcyclist / Duke Graham
motorcyclist / Jerry Ambler (Bronco Buster)
waitress / Anne McAnn
cocktail waitress / Genji
bongo player / Preston Epps*
na / Rafael Campos (815-Agent for H.A.R.M.)
and The "Gold Boot" Girl Dancers

Classic Line: "I'm here to be a dancer!"

Classic Line: "Oh, God, I wish I had that pretty mind back!"

Classic Line: "Here. This will give you something to do with those busy hands."

Trivia: The only truly wholesome film credit for TED MIKELS is cinematographer for 1967's 204-CATALINA CAPER. Prior to that film, he was the assistant director for Ed Wood's amazingly awful Orgy of the Dead. Sporting a wild moustache and functioning also as producer, director and screenwriter, Mikels was perhaps the originator of the sex-and-gore film genre, most notably with these films: 1969's Astro-Zombies; 1972's Blood Orgy of the She Devils and The Corpse Grinders; 1973's The Doll Squad; 1977's The Worm Eaters; 1982's 10 Violent Women; 1984's Operation Overkill; and 1987's War Cat. To no one's surprise...Mikels is pals with another sex-and-gore filmmaker, RAY DENNIS STECKLER (see 812-INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES).

It's hard to believe, but MARK HERRON, the actor who played that slimy Leo McCabe, had a brief and stormy marriage to the the legendary Judy Garland. Herron's only other movie credit is a small role in Federico Fellini's 8 1/2.

Bongo player PRESTON EPPS may not have been in any other movies, but he did record four albums: 1959's "Bongo Rock" (the title single made it into Billboard's Top 40); 1960's "Bongo Bongo Bongo"; 1961's "Bongola"; and 1962's "Surfin' Bongos."

Last Updated: 4/24/1999

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