Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 904

904 - WEREWOLF (1996; 1995; R; 99m)


Ad: Rest in...Beast

Plot: Ancient Indian bones and a full moon transforms guys into werewolves.

Exec: Mark Fitzgerald
(asst loc mgr/A Civil Action)
Prod/Dir/Scr: Tony Zarindast
(Hardcase and Fist; House on the Sand)
Co-Scr: Brad Hornbacher
Cin: Robert Hayes
(Chopper Chicks in Zombietown)
Cin: Dan Gilman
Boom Op: Rob Braxton (Indecent Behavior; Scanner Cop)
Ed: Peter Taylor (Becoming Colette; The Penitent)
SFX M/U: Mark Williams (Psycho Cop Returns)
SFX M/U: Mike Tristano (Psycho Cop Returns; Relentless 3)
SFX: Enzo Diliberto
Cos: Paula M. Denton
M/U: Tammy Curtis and Kachina Rochon
PMgr: John Simpson
PDes: George Pierson (Dragon Fury)
Set: Jackie Pereira
Sound Ed: Lou Kirkstine
Sound FX Ed: Walter Canton
Sound Mixer: Chris Leplus (The Sweeper)
Foley Artist: Renato Marinelli (The Battle of El Alamein)
Stunt Coor: Sean Donohue (actor/Death Match)
Stunts: John Hobson (actor/Private Wars)
Stunts: Joe Rose
Score: Keith Bilderbeck (Voodoo; Stir; The Killing Jar)

Yuri / George a.k.a. Jorge Rivero (Fistfighter; TV's Centennial)
Paul Niles / Fred Cavalli (scr/Weird Tales)
Natalie Burke / Adrianna Miles (Nemesis)
Joel / Joe Estevez*
Tommy / Jules Desjarlais (On Deadly Ground)
Prof. Noel / Richard Lynch (Scanner Cop; TV's Highlander)
Sam the Keeper / R.C. Bates (Bad Girls; Last Action Hero)
security guard / Tony Zarindast (also dir; Hardcase and Fist)
Bill / Randall Oliver (Uninhibited)
Carrie / Heidi Bjorn
na / Nina Homan (a.k.a. Angelina?)
doctor / Tony Bova (Cat in the Cage)
taxi driver / Joe Richards (Striptease II; The Royal Scam)
kid in Jeep / Daniel Robert
girl in Jeep / Neena Belini
taxi driver / Jerry Scott
nurse / Lisa Frantz (pdes/The Deli)
driver / Vince Cowan (Can It Be Love)
receptionist / Angelina
pool player / Mark Williams (also sfx m/u)

Classic Line: "Rack 'em up."

Classic Line: "They can also tell when a man is Yalloglanchie. He takes on a series of strange body sleeping like a coyote, nose to anus. The house begins to smell like coyote urine."

Trivia: Perhaps not since 424-MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE have MSTies seen such an inept, yet somehow fascinating little movie as WEREWOLF. As Kevin Murphy said to an audience in New York: "WEREWOLF is a gift from God."

So much is (delightfully) wrong with this film: incredibly bad actors noticably trying to find their marks or remember their lines; even worse dialogue; horribly staged fight scenes; building interiors mismatched with exteriors; a blue filter on the camera depicting nighttime; ear bones (!) on the werewolf skull; bad sfx make-up and claw mittens; etc. When the citizens of Flagstaff watched WEREWOLF on the big screen, they must have felt the same letdown and shame that the folks in El Paso felt when they first saw MANOS.

Alas, we only see a paunchy, painfully untalented JOE ESTEVEZ in a few scenes. He comes from a family of actors, all volatile on screen and off. Joe is the brother of Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now; Gettysburg) and uncle to both Charlie Sheen (Platoon; Major League) and Emilio Estevez (Breakfast Club; Mighty Ducks). Compared with his kin, Joe's films are at the bottom of the barrel: 1991-The Roller Blade Seven (and its sequels); 1993-L.A. Goddess; 1993-Beach Babes from Beyond; 1994-Inner Sanctum II; 1995-Blonde Heaven; 1996-Toad Warrior; and 1997-Lethal Seduction. And of course, who can forget his portrayal of the title character in 1001-SOULTAKER.

Even though little was spent in the making of WEREWOLF, its video jacket design shows more considerable has a man morphing into a werewolf on the holographic front cover, ironically making WEREWOLF one of the best visually appealing videos on the store shelves. Just goes to show that you can't judge a video by its jacket.

Last Updated: 6/7/1999

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