1010 - IT LIVES BY NIGHT (1974; PG; 95m)

a.k.a. IT'S ALIVE

Plot: While on his honeymoon, a doctor has some serious side effects, after being bitten by a bat.

Exec: Nicolas Jenna and Matthew F. Leonetti
Prod/Scr: Lou Shaw (Crypt of the Living Dead)
Assoc Prod: Dante Cuccinello
Dir: Jerry Jameson (K15-Superdome; Hurricane)
Cin: Matthew F. Leonetti
(K15; Star Trek: First Contact & Insurrection)
Ed: Tom Stevens (TV's Hotline; My Wicked, Wicked Ways)
SFX M/U: Stan Winston*
SFX: Tony Urbano (animatronics/Men in Black)
Photo FX: Howard A. Anderson Co.
(sfx/104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet; 210-King Dinosaur;
524-Twelve to the Moon; 623-The Amazing Transparent Man)
PMgr: Carl Olsen (Return of Count Yorga; Child's Play)
Stunts Coor: Stan Barrett (stunts/Jumangi; Mars Attacks!)
Sound: Rod Sutton (210; K19-Hangar 18; 108-The Slime People)
Score: Artie Kane (Looking for Mr. Goodbar; TV's Matlock)
Lyrics: Morgan Amer
Song: ???

Dr. John Beck / Stewart Moss (Fuzz; Raise the Titanic)
Cathy Beck / Marianne McAndrew (Seven Minutes; Hello, Dolly!)
Sgt. Ward / Michael Pataki (K15; 202-The Side Hackers)
Dr. Kipling / Paul Carr*
tramp / Arthur Space (Target Earth; The Swarm)
motel owner / Robert Berk
Ms. Jax / Pat Delaney (Mars Needs Women)
boy in pickup / George Paulsin (Simon, King of the Witches)
girl in pickup / Bonnie Van Dyke (TV's Columbo: Swan Song)
attacked nurse / Jeni Kulik (TV's Brian's Song; She Lives!)
nurse / Laurie Brooks-Jefferson
vocalist / Sally Stevens (Spy Hard; Man Trouble)

Trivia: Everyone has to start somewhere. After doing a stint at Disney's make-up department, SFX-mastercraftsman STAN WINSTON began with his Emmy-winning 1972 TV-Movie Gargoyles and then worked on this turkey. He shared his second Emmy with RICK BAKER (see 704-The Incredible Melting Man) for their aging makeup effects on actress Cicely Tyson in the 1974 TV-Movie The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.

Winston has won Academy Awards for 1986's Aliens starring Sigourney Weaver and directed by James Cameron; 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day starring Arnold Schwarzenegger with Cameron directing; and 1993's Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg. He garnered Oscar nominations for 1981's Heartbeeps with Bernadette Peters; 1987's Predator with Schwarzenegger; 1990's Edward Scissorhands starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton; 1992's Batman Returns with Michael Keaton and directed by Burton; and 1997's The Lost World: Jurassic Park directed by Spielberg. Winston did get a negative award once: a Razzie for 1986's Invaders from Mars starring Karen Black.

Other films made memorable by Winston's artistry in make-up, robotics, and puppetry: 1978's The Wiz starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson; 1982's The Thing directed by John Carpenter; 1984's The Terminator starring Schwarzenegger and directed by Cameron; 1994's Interview with the Vampire starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt; 1997's The Relic and Mouse Hunt; 1998's Small Soldiers and Paulie. He also directed and wrote 1988's Pumpkinhead. Winston is currently working on the 1999 version of Planet of the Apes.

Character actor PAUL CARR has found success on stage, film, and mostly television. His films include: 1957's The Wrong Man starring Henry Fonda and directed by Alfred Hitchcock; and The Young Don't Cry with Sal Mineo; 1963's Captain Newman M.D. starring Gregory Peck; 1972's Ben the rat-infested sequel to Willard with the love theme sung by Michael Jackson; 1973's Executive Action starring Burt Lancaster; 1974's Truck Stop Women; 1980's Raise the Titanic with Jason Robards; and 1990's Solar Crisis with Tim Matheson. In addition to his roles on four soap operas and countless guest spots on Westerns and action series, Carr's TV work includes: 1964's "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"; and 1981's "Buck Rogers In The 25th Century". Now semi-retired, Carr and his wife operate a health food business, manufacturing under the label "Love In The Kitchen". Ewwww!

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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