108 - THE SLIME PEOPLE (1962; NR; 76m)

originally co-billed with 106-THE CRAWLING HAND

Shown with Short:
102S-Radar Men from the Moon
Chapter 6: Hills of Death

Ad: "Up from the Bowels of the Earth Come...The Slime People"

Plot: L.A. is evacuated as reptilian creatures rise from the depths and envelop stranded folk with dense fog.

Prod: Joseph F. Robertson*
Assoc Prod: Edward Finch Abrams (106)
Assoc Prod: Donald J. Hansen (106)
Dir: Robert Hutton (also star)
Asst Dir: Herb Willis (The Model Shop)
Scr: Vance Skarstedt (Man or Gun)
Cin: William Troiano
(515-Wild, Wild World of Batwoman; Horror of the Blood Monsters)
Ed: Lew Quinn (Invasion of the Star Creatures)
Ed: Donald Henderson, possibly a.k.a. Tom Laughlin
(dir/*908-Touch of Satan)
SFX: Charles Duncan (106; 902-The Phantom Planet; Cosmic Man)
Cos: Tom Holland
Sound Mixer: Rod Sutton
(K19-Hangar 18; 210-King Dinosaur; 1010-It Lives By Night)
Score: Lou Froman

Tom Gregory / Robert Hutton (Hollywood Canteen; The Vulture)
Prof. Galbraith / Robert Burton (I Was A Teenage Frankenstein)
Norman Tolliver / Les Tremayne*
Cal Johnson / William Boyce
Lisa Galbraith / Susan Hart (Ghost in the Invisible Bikini)
Bonnie Galbraith / Judee Morton (The Explosive Generation)
na / John Close (517-Beginning of the End; 804-The Deadly Mantis)
thug in theater / Edward Finch Abrams
thug in theater / Joseph F. Robertson (106)
Dr. Timothy Brough / Dr. Tracy J. Putnam
Mrs. Steele / Blair Robertson (scr/815-Agent for H.A.R.M.)
slime person / Bob Herron
(803-Mole People; Klingon/Star Trek's Savage Curtain episode)
slime person / Jock Putnam (106)
slime person / Bob Miles (stuntman/TV's Wild Wild West)

Trivia: In the late 1960's, JOSEPH F. ROBERTSON produced several soft-core movies scripted by and featuring ED WOOD (see 423-BRIDE OF THE MONSTER), most notably Love Feast and The Sensuous Wife. His other MSTed productions were 106-THE CRAWLING HAND; and 815-AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.

Born in 1913, character actor LES TREMAYNE has the hilarious role as the goat-toting Norman Tolliver in this movie. His other films include: 1952-Francis Goes to West Point; 1953-War of the Worlds; 1958-Monster of Piedras Blancas; 1959-North by Northwest (directed by Hitchcock); 1960-The Angry Red Planet; and 1966-The Fortune Cookie.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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