204 - CATALINA CAPER (1967; NR; 84m)

a.k.a. NEVER STEAL ANYTHING WET (alternate)

Plot: A valuable scroll is stolen from a museum, so some teens try to get it back from the crooks while playing on the beach.

Exec: Sherman H. Dryer
Prod: Bond Blackman (Trauma); and Jack Bartlett
Dir: Lee Sholem (Superman & the Mole Men; Tobor the Great)
Scr: Clyde Ware (The Spy with My Face; No Drums, No Bugles)
Sto: Sam Pierce
Cin: Ted Mikels (dir/*1002-Girl in Gold Boots; Astro-Zombies)
Ed: Herman Freedman (The Daring Dobermans)
Cos: Dorothy Warner
M/U: Mark Snegoff (actor/815-Agent for H.A.R.M.)
Chor: Michael Blodgett (also actor; host of L.A. TV show Groovy)
Score: Jerry Long (Wild, Wild Winter)
Title Song: Never Steal Anything Wet (Mary Wells)
Song: Scuba Party (Little Richard, vocalist/403-City Limits)
Song: There's A New World (Cascades)
Song: Book of Love (Carol Connors)

Don Pringle / Tommy Kirk*
Arthur Duval / Del Moore*
Tad Duval / Peter Duryea (The Carpetbaggers; Taggart Killer)
Fingers O'Toole / Robert Donner (815; TV's Mork and Mindy)
Katrina Carelli / Ulla Stromstedt (Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion)
Larry / Jim Begg a.k.a. Jim Bagg*
Anne Duval / Sue Casey (The Beach Girls and the Monster)
Tina Moss / Venita Wolf (Star Trek's The Squire of Gothos)
Charlie Moss / Brian Cutler (The Concord--Airport '79)
Angelo / Lyle Waggoner
(104-Women of the Prehistoric Planet; TV's Carol Burnett Show)
Bob Draper / Mike Blodgett (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls)
redhead / Bonny a.k.a. Bonnie Lomann
brunette / Britt Nilsson (The Thing with Two Heads)
blonde / Donna Russell (Surf Party)
Carpenter? / James Almanzar (Gus; Charro!)
Dino Lakopolous / Lee Deane
Borman / Peter Mamakos (The Searchers; Ship of Fools)
himself / "Little Richard" Penniman (Don't Knock the Rock)
herself / Carol Connors (Red Line 7000; singer/The Teddy Bears)
themselves / The Cascades (song/Rhythm of the Rain)
na / Timothy Garland (Charlie Bubbles)

Classic Line: "Look! The water fuzz!"
Classic Line: "Down, boy! You've got the wrong sport!"

Trivia: Born in 1941, child star TOMMY KIRK got his start on TV's The Mickey Mouse Club, The Hardy Boys, and in several successful films for Disney. He was quickly dropped by the studio after another male teen threatened to publicize their affair. After overcoming problems with drugs and alcohol, Kirk's determined to stay retired from film, but occasionally gives a rare interview.

His filmography: 1955-Down Liberty Road (with Angie Dickinson); 1957-Old Yeller; 1959-The Shaggy Dog; 1960-Swiss Family Robinson (with John Mills and James MacArthur); 1961-The Absent-Minded Professor; Babes in Toyland (with Ed Wynn); Horsemasters; 1962-Bon Voyage!; Escapade in Florence; Moon Pilot; 1963-The Misadventures of Merlin Jones; Savage Sam; Son of Flubber; 1964-The Monkey's Uncle (his last Disney film); Pajama Party; 1965's 523-VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS; 1965-How to Stuff A Wild Bikini; 1966-The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (the last official Beach Party movie); Mars Needs Women (directed by Larry Buchanan who did 418-ATTACK OF THE THE EYE CREATURES); The Girl in Daddy's Bikini; Unkissed Bride; 1967-CATALINA CAPER; It's A Bikini World; 1968-Track of Thunder; It's Alive! (also by Buchanan); 1971-Ride the Hot Wind; 1972-Blood of Ghastly Horror; 1987-Streets of Death; and 1995-Attack of the 60-Foot Centerfold.

Effeminate actor DEL MOORE (1917-1970) mostly appeared in movies starring Jerry Lewis: 1960-Cinderfella; 1961-The Errand Boy; 1963-The Nutty Professor; 1964-The Disorderly Orderly; The Patsy; 1962-It's Only Money; and 1967-The Big Mouth. His other films include 1961's The Last Time I Saw Archie (biopic about Arch Hall Sr.!) and 1962's Stagecoach to Dancer's Rock. Moore was a regular on the TV series The Betty White Show (1958) and Bachelor Father (1957). He's sometimes confused with another effeminate actor, Casey Adams a.k.a. Max Showalter who was in 409-THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN. This confusion may be the cause of some sources incorrectly showing Adams being in CATALINA CAPER.

Looking for JIM BEGG elsewhere? (Why?!) In addition to 523-VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS, try episodes #9 & 118 of TV's I Dream of Jeannie or reruns of TV's Ozzie's Girls. He also did the voices for several minor cartoon characters. Begg was also in these movies: 1966-The Ghost and Mr. Chicken; 1967-The Cool Ones; It's A Bikini World; 1969-The Love God?; 1977-Grand Theft Auto; 1978-The Cat from Outer Space; and 1982-Death Wish II. He also produced 1980's Leo and Loree.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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