Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Short 407S


Shown with Movie: 407-The Killer Shrews

Short Type: Newsreel

Plot: A geezer helps some idle kids put on a Junior Rodeo.

Prod: Encyclopaedia Brittanica Productions
(507S-The Truck Farmer; 602S-A Date with Your Family;
608S-A Day at the Fair; 613S-Keeping Clean and Neat)

Characters (actors unknown):
old-timer Billy Slater
kids Bobby and Mike
teens Sam Wood and Jim Rand
teens Betty, Mary Lou, and Glen

Classic Line: "So you think you know your way around horses?"

Classic Line: "You should see the boys, when she goes square-dancing."

Classic Line: "Only two years ago, he was still riding calves."

Trivia: This short may have been filmed in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Opinion: Frankly, whether for kiddies or grown-ups, rodeos are just another example of humans abusing animals in the name of sport.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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