608S - A DAY AT THE FAIR (1947; 10m)

Shown with Movie: 608-Code Name: Diamond Head

Short Type: Newsreel and Educational

Plot: A farm family has a good time at the state fair.

Prod: Encyclopaedia Brittanica Productions
(407S-Junior Rodeo Daredevils; 507S-The Truck Farmer;
602S-A Date with Your Family; 613S-Keeping Clean and Neat)
Coll: Harry James Reed, Purdue University*

Characters (performers unknown):
Ann Olsen
Johnny Olsen
big brother Bob Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Olsen
other fair attendees
livestock judges
cake-baking judges
grain judges
marching band
people on floats

Classic Line: "First, she feels the cake. Then, she tastes it."

Classic Line: "A foot-long hot dog looks mighty good to these boys."

Trivia: This short was filmed at the Indiana State Fair, in which PURDUE UNIVERSITY still actively participates with its 4-H Club Youth Department.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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