(1963; TV soap opera; NR; 30m episodes)

Shown with Movies:
413-Manhunt in Space; 415-The Beatniks; 417-Crash of Moons

Short Type: Television Series

Plot: A nurse is in love with a doctor, who is in love with someone else, who is engaged to another doctor...so she decides to host an awkward little engagement party.

Crea/Exec/Scr: Doris and Frank Hursley (TV's Bright Promise)
Mus Dir: George Wright

Dr. Steve Hardy / John Beradino*
Dr. Phil Brewer / Roy Thinnes*
nurse Jesse Brewer / Emily McLaughlin (Young Doctors in Love)
Cynthia / Carolyn Craig (House on Haunted Hill; Giant)
nurse Lucille March / Lucille Wall
nurse Judy Clampett / Robin Blake (Paternity)
Dr. Ken Martin / Jack Betts (Batman Forever; Office Space)
patient Martha Lyons / unknown

Classic Line: "Marriage. I guess it's a wonderful, but weird institution."

Trivia: Excluding the three years he was in the military service during World War II, JOHN BERADINO was a professional baseball player from 1939-1952. He played shortstop and second base with the St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Pittsburg Pirates. Because he was on General Hospital from its premiere in 1963 until his death in 1996, most of his other work was prior to the soap opera, in such films as: 1949's The Kid from Cleveland; 1954's Them!; 1956's The Killer is Loose; 1958's The Naked and the Dead; 1959's North by Northwest; and 1961's The Crimebusters.

Born in 1938, busy actor ROY THINNES starred in these other TV soap operas:
One Life to Live, Falcon Crest, and the newer version of Dark Shadows. He also starred in (or had a continuing guest role on) these series: The Long, Hot Summer; the original The Invaders (plus the 1995 mini-series); The Psychiatrist; Battlestar Galactica; Murder, She Wrote; and The X-Files.

Thinnes was in these TV-movies and mini-series: 1972's Horror at 30,000 Feet; 1977's 608-CODE NAME: DIAMOND HEAD; 1979's From Here to Eternity; and 1981's Sizzle and Scruples. Plus he found some time for a few feature films like: 1969's Journey to the Far Side of the Sun; 1974's Airport 1975; and 1975's The Hindenberg.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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