603S - THE SELLING WIZARD (1950's; 10m)

Shown with Movie: 603-The Dead Talk Back

Short Type: Industrial

Plot: Large, modern freezers make it easier for grocers to sell their goods and make high profits.

Prod: Jam Handy Organization*
For: Anheuser-Busch Inc.
Manufacturers of Quality Low Temperature Cabinets (and Beer!)

Characters (actors unknown):
shapely, silent female selling wizard

Classic Line: "Here's some top level loading, just inches from the top."

Trivia: JAMISON HANDY and his film production company, the JAM HANDY ORGANIZATION, made short films for a variety of companies and organizations including:

Asbestos Cement Products Association: According to Plan (1951)
Chevrolet: 423S/424S-HIRED! (1941);
and 1012S-A CASE OF SPRING FEVER (1940)
Coca-Cola Company: Refreshment on the Job (1951)
DuPont: 618S-OUT OF THIS WORLD (1950's)
Edison Electric Institute: 610S-A YOUNG MAN'S FANCY (1952)
Electric Auto-Lite Company: Auto-Lite on Parade (1940)
General Motors, Frigidaire Division: Frigidaire Finale (1957)
Lucky Strike Cigarettes: Lucky Strike Minute Movies (1948)
National Dairy Council: 607S-UNCLE JIM'S DAIRY FARM (1960's)
Proctor and Gamble: Oxydol Goes Into High (1938)
The Singer Company: Three Smart Daughters (1938)
Whirlpool Corporation: Mother Takes A Holiday (1952)

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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