Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 608

(5/3/77; NBC TV-movie; failed series pilot; NR; 78m)

Shown with Short: 608S-A Day at the Fair

Ad: "One Man Stands Between the Release
of a Deadly Gas and the Fate of the World."

Plot: In Hawaii, a secret agent tries to get back a stolen formula for a deadly gas.

Exec: Quinn Martin*
Prod/Scr: Paul King (sto/Operation Petticoat)
Prod/Dir: Jeannot Szwarc (Bug; Jaws 2)
Cin: Jack Whitman (TV's Hill Street Blues)
Ed: James Gross (TV's The X-Files)
ADir: George B. Chan (The Killers)
Set: George R. Nelson (411-The Magic Sword)
Score: Morton Stevens (The Great White; One Man Jury)

Johnny Paul / Roy Thinnes
(*413S-TV's General Hospital; The Invaders)
Tso-tsing / France Nuyen (TV Star Trek's Elaan of Troyius)
Zulu / Zulu (TV's Hawaii Five-O)
Capt. MacIntosh / Ward Costello (807-Terror from the Year 5000)
H.K. Muldoon / Don Knight (Kill A Dragon)
Sean Donavan, Father Horton, Col. Butler / Ian McShane
(TV's Lovejoy; TV mini-series Roots)
Ernest Graeber / Eric Braeden (TV's Young and the Restless)
Commander Yarnell / Dennis Patrick (Time Travelers; TV's Dallas)
Dr. Edward Sherman / Alex Henteloff (Star Trek IV)
Sakai / Frank Michael Liu (Forced Vengeance)
Hero Yamamoto / Ernest Harada (Rosemary's Baby)
Tanner / Lee Stetson (Return)
Dr. En-Ping / Harry Endo (TV's Hawaii Five-O)
Father Murphy / Eric Christmas (Harold and Maude; Porky's)
with Terence Brady (Fort Apache, The Bronx)
Dan Cicogni
Cynthia Cookinham
Elissa Dulce Hoopai (guest/TV's Hawaii Five-O)
Brian Fong (The Love Bug; TV's Noble House)
Jack Hisatake (Tell Me That You Love Me)
Kimo Hugko
Joe Moore (The Philadelphia Experiment; TV's Hawaii Five-O)
Sam Peters
Ivan Splater
Bill Valentina
Janet R. Wagener
Frederick H. Bruns

Trivia: Born Martin Cohen Jr., QUINN MARTIN (1927-1987) produced at least 16 shows for network television including (with the beginning year): 1952-Dragnet (starring Jack Webb); 1959-The Untouchables (with Robert Stack); 1963-The Fugitive (starring David Janssen); 1965-The F.B.I. (with Efrem Zimbalist Jr.); 1967-The Invaders (with ROY THINNES); 1971-Cannon (with William Conrad); 1972-The Streets of San Francisco (with Karl Malden and Michael Douglas); 1973-Barnaby Jones (with Buddy Ebsen); and 1977-Tales of the Unexpected (again with Conrad).

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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