607 - BLOODLUST! (1959; NR; 68m)

Shown with Short:
607S-Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm

Ad: "The Foulest Passion of Them All!"

Ad: "Two Beautiful Young Girls...Defenseless Against the Deadly Ancient Crossbow!"

Ad: "HE HUNTED HUMANS for the sheer sport of killing ...and made his island paradise into a Hell on Earth!"

Plot: On an island, a madman hunts people like big game and displays their preserved bodies.

Exec: Robert H. Bagley
Prod/Dir/Scr: Ralph Brooke (actor/The Third Voice)
Sto: Richard Connell (Oscar nom/Meet John Doe)
Cin: Richard E. Cunha (dir/Frankenstein's Daughter)
Ed: Harold V. McKenzie (The Incredible Petrified World)
SFX: Harold Banks (The Giant from the Unknown)
Cos: Marge Corso (313-Earth Vs. The Spider;
315-Teenage Caveman; 414-Tormented; 808-The She-Creature)
M/U: Jack Dusek (808; The Maverick Queen)
Asst Dir: Leonard Shapiro
(109-Project Moon Base; 623-The Amazing Transparent Man)
PMgr: Brianne Murphy (cos/actor/Teenage Zombies; cin/Fatso)
Props: Richard Rubin (406-Attack of the Giant Leeches)
Sound Mixer: Philip Mitchell (315; 320-The Unearthly)
Score: Manuel Francisco a.k.a. Mischa Terr
(320; 210-King Dinosaur; 610-Violent Years; 613-The Sinister Urge)

Dr. Albert Balleau / Wilton Graff (The West Point Story)
Betty Scott / June Kenney (*313; 317-Viking Women; Sorority Girl)
Dean Gerrard / Walter Brooke
(*401-Space Travelers; 614-San Francisco International)
Johnny Randall / Robert Reed*
Pete Garwood / Gene Persson (313; The Egg and I)
Jeanne Perry / Joan Lora (Lure of the Swamp)
Captain Tony / Troy Patterson (313; Attack of the Puppet People)
Sandra Balleau / Lilyan Chauvin (Lost, Lonely and Vicious)
Chandor? / Bobby Hall (618-High School Big Shot)
killed pirate? / Bill Coontz (618; 509-The Girl in Lovers Lane)

Trivia: Most of us know ROBERT REED from his portrayal of Mike Brady on TV's The Brady Bunch. However, Reed had a rather versatile and distinguished career, mostly in television (with some movie and stage work). Soon after the release of BLOODLUST (a film which rightfully embarrassed him later), Robert Reed won a part on the much-lauded TV series The Defenders. He was nominated for, but did not win, an Emmy three times: 1976's miniseries Rich Man, Poor Man; 1976 guest appearance on Medical Center; 1977's miniseries Roots. Reed also appeared in the movie K13-SST DEATH FLIGHT.

Born in Chicago in 1932, John Robert Rietz changed his professional name to Robert Reed. Even though he probably was gay, he was married and had at least one child. Reed studied drama at Northwestern University, and later at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. He returned to Hollywood to do the pilot for a TV sitcom version of Barefoot in the Park (not done), and said he was talked into doing the Brady pilot which he hated and was amazed it was picked up. (Brady producer Sherwood Schwartz first choice for Mike Brady part was 401-SPACE TRAVELERS star Gene Hackman! ABC rejected Hackman upfront so he never screen-tested). Reed says he was forced to do the series because of a signed contract with options. Reed and Schwartz battled constantly over scripts, but he was very good to all the cast. Reed's real-life daughter Carolyn played Marcia's friend Karen in Brady Bunch episode #30-The Slumber Caper.

In 1992, Robert Reed died of AIDS.

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