616 - RACKET GIRLS (re-release; 1951; NR; 81m)

a.k.a. PIN-DOWN GIRL (original)
a.k.a. PIN DOWN GIRL (variation)
a.k.a. PIN DOWN GIRLS (variation)
a.k.a. BLONDE PICKUP (re-release)

Shown with Short:
616S-Are You Ready For Marriage?

Ad: "The Strange Love-Life of a Wrestling Gal!"
Ad: "Low-Down on Pin-Down Girls!"
Ad: "Battling Beauties! Action Packed!"
Ad: "SEE...Intimate Scenes of Gorgeous Girl Wrestlers
with the Naked Eye of the Camera!"

Plot: A guy uses his gym for female wrestlers as a front for various crimes.

Prod: George Weiss (Glen or Glenda; Test Tube Babies)
Dir/Ed: Robert C. Dertano (Gun Girls; Girl Gang)
Scr: none credited
Cin: William C. Thompson (109-Project Moon Base; 423-Bride of the Monster; 610-The Violent Years; *613-The Sinister Urge)
M/U: Harry Thomas*
ADir: Dan Sonney (prod/dir/scr/My Tale Is Hot)
Set: James R. Connell (Test Tube Babies; Untamed Women)

herself / Clara Mortensen*
herself / Rita Martinez*
Umberto Scali / Timothy Farrell*
herself / Peaches Page
Ruby / Muriel Gardner (The Devil's Sleep)
Joe the jockey / Don Ferrara
Ronnie / Matt Douglas
Monk / Paul Mertin (The Voice Within)
Eddie / Bruce Spencer
Lefty / Tony Zarro
Jackie the bookie / Mary Jean Walker
senate investigator / William Lamont
Mr. Big / Phil Bernard
announcer / Jimmy Lennon (Rocky III; Raging Bull)
referee / Phil Solomon (dir/Elementary Phrases)
Beverly the junkie / Doris Ives

Trivia: Both MORTENSEN and MARTINEZ were professional wrestlers.

Usually with his dark hair combed straight back and sporting a thin black moustache, TIMOTHY FARRELL (1922-1989) performed in 35 films, mostly exploitation and roadshow classics, some directed by Ed Wood (Glen or Glenda; Jail Bait). Producer George Weiss liked Farrell's character name Umberto Scali (which he originally played in 1949's The Devil's Sleep) so much that Farrell reprised the role in the films Girl Gang and Dance Hall Racket, the latter directed by Phil Tucker (Robot Monster). He was in one A-film...he played a cop in 1954's A Star is Born (with Judy Garland and James Mason). Farrell's last film was 610-THE VIOLENT YEARS, in which he played Lt. Holmes as well as did the narration. After retiring from films, he served as L.A. County Marshall, but was fired and got probation for using deputies in political activities. Before his death, he also ran a lumber mill in South Dakota.

Another man with an Ed Wood connection was make-up artist HARRY THOMAS (1909-96), who first assisted other make-up men and made stars look beautiful in these A-list films: 1936-Camille (Greta Garbo); 1942-Casablanca (with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman); and 1948-MacBeth (starring Orson Welles). He then became the sole make-up man for exploitation films like 1948's Test Tube Babies; 1953's Dance Hall Racket; Problem Girls; Glen or Glenda; 1954's Jail Bait; and 1956's Plan 9 from Outer Space (the last three directed by Wood); while also doing some TV series like My Little Margie; The Adventures of Superman; Perry Mason; and The Munsters.

Besides RACKET GIRLS, here are the other seven MSTed movies on which Thomas performed his make-up duties: 103-THE MAD MONSTER; 109-PROJECT MOON BASE; 320-THE UNEARTHLY; 423-BRIDE OF THE MONSTER; 602-INVASION USA; 618-HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT; and 701-NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST. Thomas said in an interview that he introduced producer George Weiss and actor Tor Johnson to Ed Wood, and gave free haircuts to Bela Lugosi near the poverty-striken end of his career.

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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