209 - THE HELLCATS (1967; R; 90m)

Ad: "Leather on the Outside...
...All Woman on the Inside!"

Ad: "Motorcycle Mamas on a Highway to Hell!"

Ad: "The Cycle-Gang-Girls...Scratching...
...Clawing any Guy who gets in Their Way!"

Plot: Guy infiltrates biker gang to find out how his brother died.

Exec: J. Fox Kinzie
Prod: Anthony Cardoza (also actor)
(*609-The Skydivers; 619-Red Zone Cuba; 621-Beast of Yucca Flats)
Prod: Herman Tomlin
Dir/Scr: Robert F. Slatzer (also actor)
(scr/dir/Bigfoot; dir/No Substitute for Victory)
Asst Dir/Scr: Tony Houston
(202-The Side Hackers; actor/418-Attack of the the Eye Creatures)
Sto: James Gordon White (The Mini-Skirt Mob; Born Wild)
Cin: Gil Hubbs (This Is Elvis; The Wrestler)
Ed: Bud Hoffman (Bigfoot; Torn Curtain)
SFX: Adrian Moser
Cos: Misty Maring
PMgr: Eric Lidberg (202) (also actor)
ADir: Karen Teichman
Score: Jerry Roberts (music ed/Thunderbolt and Lightfoot)
Songs by Somebody's Children: Marionettes: I'm Up
Songs by Davy Jones and the Dolphins:
Mass Confusion; I Can't Take A Chance

Sgt. Monte Chapman / Ross Hagen (*202; Angels' Wild Women)
Linda Martin / Dee Duffy (Murderers' Row)
Sheila / Sharyn Kinzie
Snake / Del "Sonny" West (Outlaw Riders)
Mr. Adrian / Robert F. Slatzer (also director)
Six Pack / Tony Lorea (202; Smokey and the Hotwire Gang)
Hiney / Eric Lidberg (202)
Rita / Shannon Summers
Det. David Chapman / Bro Beck
Candy Cane / Diane Ryder
Pepper / Nick Raymond*
Hilde / Hildegard Wendt
Dean / Dick Merrifield (202; Sheba Baby)
artist / Tony Cardoza (609/619/621)
model / Elena Engstrom
addict Dee / Irene Martin (A Very Special Favor)
innkeeper Jack / Frederic Downs
(609/619*; 807-Terror from the Year 5000; Bug; 1776)
sheriff / Noble "Kid" Chissell (They Shoot Horses, Don't They?)
deputy / Robert Strong (Captain Newman MD; Mississippi Gambler)
Zombie / Ed Sarquist
Scorpio / Gus Trikonis (dir/*202; actor/West Side Story)
Betty / Lydia Goya (Paradise Alley; Virgin Sacrifice)
Moongoose a.k.a. Jay Dalton Collins / Tom Hanson (619)
Scab / Ray Cantrell (Bigfoot; The Zodiac Killer)
policeman / Eric Tomlin (*609/621)
attorney Mr. Garber / Warren Hammack (*202/418)
detective / Jack Denton (The Swinging Cheerleaders; Splash)
Senator Carter / Walt Swanner (Bigfoot)
Senator Lindfield / Bill Reese
Pete / Joe Coffey (The Producers)

Trivia: Actor NICK RAYMOND, who plays Pepper here, seemed to find all the worst directors: he plays a syndicate man in Ed Wood's 613-THE SINISTER URGE; and a cop in 619-RED ZONE CUBA, made by Cardoza's pal, Coleman Francis.

Last Updated: 6/20/1999

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