(1961; NR; 60m)

a.k.a. GIRL MADNESS (1964 re-release)

Shown with Shorts:
621S1-Money Talks! and
621S2-Progress Island U.S.A.

Plot: After being exposed to
atomic radiation, a Russian
scientist becomes a lurking murderous beastie who likes rabbits.

Exec: Roland Morin and James Oliphant
Prod: Anthony Cardoza
(209-The Hellcats; *609-The Skydivers; 619-Red Zone Cuba)
Prod/Dir/Scr/Ed: Coleman Francis
(*609/619; actor/L02-This Island Earth)
Assoc Prod/Make-Up: Laurence Aten (also actor)
Assoc Prod: Charles Stafford
Cin: John Cagle
SFX: Ray Mercer
(208-Lost Continent; 507-I Accuse My Parents; 520-Radar Secret Service; 611-Last of the Wild Horses; 613-The Sinister Urge)
Asst Dir/PSup: Austin McKinney (cin/609; ed/The Thrill Killers)
Sound: Titus Moede a.k.a. Titus Moody
(actor/609; 812-Incredibly Strange Creatures; The Thrill Killers)
Score: Gene Kauer (518-Atomic Brain; 815-Agent for H.A.R.M.)
Score: Irwin Nafshun and Al Remington

beast Joseph Javorski / Tor Johnson
(*320-The Unearthly; 423-Bride of the Monster; Plan 9)
Joe Dobson? / Douglas Mellor
(TV's Two Fathers: Justice for the Innocent)
mother Lois / Barbara Francis (609; Coleman's wife)
father Hank? / Bing Stafford
Jim Archer? / Larry Aten (also make-up and assoc prod)
dead blonde? / Linda Bielima
boy Randy / Ronald Francis (609; Coleman's son)
little boy Art / Alan Francis (609; Coleman's son)
KGB driver / Tony Cardoza (209/609/619; also producer)
KGB passenger / John Morrison a.k.a. Howard Morrison* (619)
run off road / Eric Tomlin (209/609*)
man in overalls / Conrad Brooks (*423/613; Plan 9)
discovered dead husband / George Prince a.k.a. Principe (619)
newsboy / Graham Stafford
man at Sadler's service station / Coleman Francis (609/619/L02)
Mrs. Dobson / Marcia Knight (609)
with Bob Labansat, Jim Oliphant, Jim Miles

Classic line: "Flag on the Moon...how did it get there?"

Trivia: From the late 1940's to the early 1960's, there were hundreds of atomic tests performed at Yucca Flats, Nevada. The government plans on burying over 77,000 tons of nuclear waste in vast tunnels already dug in nearby Yucca Mountain. The site is 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

The geiger counter used in this movie and in 619-RED ZONE CUBA was provided by HOWARD MORRISON, who was a pal and roommate of an AOL MSTie's father. Like many others in the 1950's, they unsuccessfully tried their luck in uranium prospecting out West. (This uranium-mania was even depicted in an episode of TV's I Love Lucy, in which Lucy and pals accompanied Fred MacMurray on a zany uranium hunt!)

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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