(1965 re-release; mostly filmed in 1961; NR; 89m)

a.k.a. NIGHT TRAIN TO MUNDO FINE (original)

Shown with Short: 619S-Speech: Platform Posture and Appearance

Plot: An escaped convict and his two pals accidentally end up in a mini-invasion of Cuba among other misadventures.

Prod: Anthony Cardoza (also actor)
(209-The Hellcats; *609-The Skydivers;
621-The Beast of Yucca Flats)
Dir/Scr: Coleman Francis (*609/621)
Cin: Herb Roberts
Ed: James H. Russell
Score: John Bath
(609; Right Hand of the Devil)
Music/Lyrics: Ray Gregory
Song by John Carradine:
Night Train To Mundo Fine

Griffin / Coleman Francis (*609/621; L02-This Island Earth)
Landis / Anthony Cardoza (209/*609/621)
Cook / Harold Saunders (Stakeout on Dope Street)
Wilson / John Carradine (*320-The Unearthly; Munster, Go Home)
Joe / John Morrison a.k.a. Howard Morrison (621)
Cherokee Jack / George Prince a.k.a. George Principe (621)
Bailey Chastain / Tom Hanson (209)
Ruby Chastain / Lanell Cado
Sheriff / Julian Baker
old man at restaurant / Charles F. Harter
Tinsley / Frederic Downs*
old man's daughter / Elaine Gifford
priest / Richard Lance
policeman / Clarence Walker
policeman / Nick Raymond (*209; 613-The Sinister Urge)
Jim Benton / Bruce Love
with Lillian Baker, Jamie Russell, Jim Stout, Avilio Silva,
John Cruz, Ted Murray, Ed Moran, Candy Brougham,
Bob Carpenter, David Baker, Ken Brougham, Bob Stockham,
Bob Lucas, Don Mason, Frank Burnett, Jim Russo, Bob Russo, Nick Wolcoff, Ken Johnson, and Steve Gidoc.

Classic line: "I'm Cherokee Jack!"

Classic line: "Griffin...ran all the way to Hell...with a penny and a broken cigarette."

Trivia: Sometimes billed as Fredric Downs, FREDERIC DOWNS appeared as the Moonfire Innkeeper in 209-THE HELLCATS; a face in the crowd in 609-THE SKYDIVERS; and Prof. Howard Erling in 807-TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5,000. His few other films include 1776, Bug and Experiment in Terror.

Last Updated: 6/26/1999

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