Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Short 406S

(original; *1936 serial; NR; 226m)

a.k.a. SHAROD OF ATLANTIS (re-edited feature)

Short Type: Serial

Chapter 1:

(shown with 406-Attack of the Giant Leeches)
(shown with 409-The Indestructible Man)
(not shown on MST3000)
Chapter 4:

(not shown on MST3000)
Chapter 5: PRISONERS OF ATLANTIS (not shown on MST3000)
Chapter 6:
(not shown on MST3000)
Chapters 7-12 (not shown on MST3000)

Ad: "Undersea Daredevil! Breath-taking serial!"

Plot: After a series of land-based disasters, he-man Corrigan and his pals trace the problem to Atlantis.

Prod: Nat Levine (The Hit Parade; Four Girls in White)
Prod: Herbert J. Yates (Dick Tracy's G-Men; Ghost of Zorro)
Dir: B. Reeves Eason (Phantom Empire)
Dir: Joseph Kane (Hoodlum Empire)
Scr/Sto: John Rathmell (scr/The Painted Desert; sto/In Old Santa Fe)
Scr: Maurice Geraghty (The Falcon Strikes Back)
Scr: Oliver Drake (Fighting Valley)
Sto: Tracy Knight
Cin: William Nobles (Jesse James at Bay; The Lost Jungle)
Cin: Edgar Lyons (The El Paso Kid)
Sup Ed: Joseph H. Lewis (One Frightened Night; dir/Gun Crazy)
Ed: Richard Fantl (Darkest Africa; Women in Prison)
Ed: Helene Turner (Child Bride; The Cosmic Man)
SFX: John T. Coyle (Darkest Africa; One Frightened Night)
SFX: Howard Lydecker (102S-Radar Men from the Moon;
Johnny Guitar; Oscar nom/The Flying Tigers; Women in War)
SFX: Theodore Lydecker (102S; Johnny Guitar; Satan's Satellites)
Cos: Robert Ramsey (The Fighting Devil Dogs; The Lone Ranger)
PMgr: Sol C. Siegel
(Oscar nom/prod/Three Coins in the Fountain; Letter to Three Wives)
PSup: Barney A. Sarecky
(prod/520-Radar Secret Service; assoc/105-The Corpse Vanishes)
PDes: Ralph Oberg (The Invisible Monster; Juvenile Jungle)
Sound: Terry Kellum (Notorious; Darkest Africa)
MSup: Harry Grey (Darkest Africa; Hearts in Bondage)
Sco: R.H. Bassett (Dante's Inferno; Women of All Nations)
Sco: Joseph Carl Breil (Intolerance; Birth of a Nation)
Sco: Charles Dunworth (Darkest Africa; One Frightened Night)
Sco: Arthur Kay (Darkest Africa; Harmony Lane)
Sco: Leon Rosebrook (The Riders of the Whistling Skull)
Sco: Meredith Willson
(The Music Man; Oscar nom/The Little Foxes; The Great Dictator)

himself / Lt. Ray "Crash" Corrigan*
reporter Diana Cofton / Lois Wilde (Hopalong Rides Again)
evil tyrant Unga Khan / Monte Blue (Birth of a Nation; Intolerance)
Sharad / William Farnum (Painted Desert; Samson and Delilah)
Ditmar / Boothe Howard (Charlie Chan at the Circus)
Gasspon / Raymond Hatton
(H01-The Day the World Ended; Love Finds Andy Hardy)
Prof. Norton / C. Montague Shaw (Mars Attacks the World)
Billy Norton / Lee Van Atta (Affairs of Annabel)
Briny / Smiley Burnette (150 Westerns; TV's Green Acres)
Salty / Frank Marvin (Boots and Saddles)
Hakur / Lon Chaney, Jr.
(*409-The Indestructible Man; Of Mice and Men; The Wolf Man)
Darius / Lane Chandler (Samson and Delilah)
Lt. Andrews / Jack Mulhall
(808-The She-Creature; The Atomic Submarine; Son of Monte Cristo)
Joe / John Bradford (Life Begins at 40; The Old Corral)
Martos / Ralph Holmes
Gourk / Ernie Smith
Captain Clinton / Lloyd Whitlock (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)
Navy sentry / David Horsley (My Man Godfrey; No More Ladies)
Navy doctor / Kenneth Lawton
Magna / Charles Schaeffer (Hurricane Horseman; Vanishing Legion)
and Malcolm McGregor (Murder Will Out)
John Merton (Gilda; The Ten Commandments)
Alan Curtis (The Invisible Man's Revenge; Buck Privates)
Jack Ingram (Atom Man Vs. Superman; Zorro Rides Again)
Everett Kibbons (Cappy Ricks Returns)
Tracy Layne (Tumbling Tumbleweeds)
Millard McGowan (The Lone Ranger; Dick Tracy's G-Men)
Edwin Parker (L02-This Island Earth; 423-Bride of the Monster;
803-The Mole People; Tarantula)
Dan Rowan (Flash Gordon; TV's Laugh-In)
Al Seymour (Penny Serenade; Dick Tracy Vs. Crime Inc.)
William Stahl (Dick Tracy's G-Men; Mysterious Doctor Satan)
Tom Steele (102S; Cattle Queen of Montana; Ghost of Zorro)
Wes Warner (Singing Cowboy; The Lost Jungle)
Bill Yrigoyen (Dick Tracy's G-Men; The Lone Ranger)

Trivia: UNDERSEA KINGDOM is the oldest MSTed material. Excluding this serial, the oldest films are 103-THE MAD MONSTER and 105-THE CORPSE VANISHES, both released in 1942.

Born Ray Benard, stuntman RAY "CRASH" CORRIGAN (1903-1976) had his own gorilla suits and played gorillas in most of his movies like White Gorilla, the 1936 serial Darkest Africa, and 1958's Bride and the Beast, penned by Ed Wood. (However, he was not the one in the gorilla suit in 107-Robot Monster). He also appeared without the gorilla suit in many Westerns.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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