415 - THE BEATNIKS (1960; 1958; NR; 78m)

Shown with Short: 413S-General Hospital

Ad: "Defiant...Explosive!"

Ad: "A Pulsating Story of Modern Youth!
Their Password Was MUTINY Against Society!"

Ad: "Living by Their Code of REBELLION and MUTINY!
Intimate Secrets of the Beat Generation!"

Plot: Wannabe singer Tony gets his big break, but can't shake his psycho pseudo-beatnik buddies.

Prod: Edward Heite
Prod: Ron Miller (Son of Flubber; Tron)
Dir/Scr: Paul Frees*
Asst Dir: Dick Taylor
Scr: Arthur Julian (The Happy Road)
Cin: Murray DeAtley (Frankenstein Island; House of Black Death)
Ed: Harold White (307-Daddy-O; Hoofs and Goofs)
PSup: Kenneth Hartford (prod/dir/scr/Hell Squad; Monster)
ADir: Bob Herts (Devil's Messenger)
Set: Erwin M. Brown
MDir: Stanley Wilson (sco/102S-Radar Men from the Moon)
M/L: Eddie Brandt (Eve Knew Her Apples); and Paul Frees
Songs by Travis: Leather Coat; Love Is Like A Thief

Eddie Crane / Tony Travis (Flesh Gordon 2)
Iris / Karen Kadler (311-It Conquered the World; Kiss of Fire)
Mooney / Peter Breck (106-The Crawling Hand; TV's Big Valley)
Helen / Joyce Terry (The Neanderthal Man; The Snow Queen)
Chuck / Bob Wells
Red / Sam Edwards (Flying Leathernecks; Revolt in the Big House)
Bayliss / Charles Delaney (Running Target; The Half-Breed)
Morrisey / Stanley Farrar (Face of a Fugitive; I'll Cry Tomorrow)
with Claude Stroud (All About Eve; The Cry Baby Killer)
Martha Wentworth (Daughter of Dr. Jekyll; 101 Dalmations)
Frank Worth (score/423-Bride of the Monster)
Bob Pacquin

Trivia: Character actor PAUL FREES appeared in a few films including 1954's Suddenly (with Frank Sinatra) and 1953's War of the Worlds, but he's mainly known for his cartoon character voices, such as Inspector Fenwick on The Dudley Do-Right Show, the magpies on The Heckle and Jeckle Show, and Boris Badenov on Rocky and His Friends. Besides doing the grunts and groans for Glenn Manning in 319-WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST, Frees was the voice of Kalin in 617-THE SWORD AND THE DRAGON and the narrator in 804-THE DEADLY MANTIS.

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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