307 - DADDY-O (original; May 1959; NR; 74m)

a.k.a. OUT ON PROBATION (re-release)
a.k.a. DOWNBEAT (England)

originally released with ROAD RACERS

Shown with Short: 307S-Alphabet Antics

Ad: "Meet the Beat!
Daring to Live...Daring to Love!"

Ad: "Jammed with Rock-N-Roll!
Jazz! Blues! Ballads!"

Ad: "Alive!! With the Beat and the Heat of Today's Rock-N-Roll Generation!"

Video Ad: "Hot Blondes, Souped-Up Rods, and Espionage"

Plot: High-panted, cool-singing, truck-driving hepcat tangles with blonde bombshell and tries to solve his friend's murder.

Prod: Elmer C. Rhoden, Jr. (The Cool and the Crazy)
Dir: Lou Place
(asst dir/806-The Undead; actor/503-Swamp Diamonds;
pmgr/311-It Conquered the World; 815-Agent for H.A.R.M.)
Scr/Sto: David Moessinger (Caper of the Golden Bulls)
Cin: Perry Finnerman (Buffalo Gun)
Ed: Harold White (415-The Beatniks)
M/U: Carlie Taylor (503)
ADir: Claudio Guzman and Pato Guzman
Score: John Williams (five Oscars/Star Wars, Jaws, etc.)
Songs: Rock Candy Baby; Angel Act; Wait Till I Get You Home (Contino)

Daddy-O a.k.a. Phil Sandifer a.k.a. Pete Plum / Dick Contino*
Jana Ryan / Sandra Giles (Lost, Lonely and Vicious)
Sidney Chillas / Bruno VeSota*
Marcia Hayes / Gloria Victor (Invasion of the Star Creatures)
Bruce Green / Jack McClure (Friendly Persuasion)
Duke / Ron McNeil (Man or Gun)
Peg Lawrence / Sonia Torgeson (404-Teenagers From Outer Space)
Ken / Kelly Gordon
Barney / Hank Mann (Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy)
Frank Wooster / Joseph Donte (The Joker Is Wild)
Kerm / Joseph Martin (Invasion of the Star Creatures)
Sonny DiMarco / Bob Banas (chor/609-The Skydivers)
with Gabe DeLutre (Dragstrip Riot; The Jailbreakers)
and Ruth Scott, William Riggs, Pierette Hailey, Cheston Tarver.

Classic Line: "Couldn't help you if I wanted to, fella. Gym policy."
Classic Line: "Want some?"
Classic Line: "Come over here and start on my back."
Classic Line: "Look, buddy, I'm on to something big...too big to let go."

Trivia: DICK CONTINO only made four films. Besides 307-DADDY-O and 601-GIRLS TOWN, he did The Beat Generation (1959) and The Big Night (1960). His booming career was cut short by an unsuccessful alledged attempt at draft evasion for health reasons. (He eventually served honorably in the military). You can still catch his live accordion act every summer in Milwaukee.

His name frequently misspelled in the credits, buttery BRUNO VeSOTA, who plays conniving night club owner and underworld don Sidney Chillas here, was in four other MSTed movies: he was henpecked, cuckolded Dave Walker in 406-ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES; the sly Zebulon Tabb in 511-GUNSLINGER; the clueless Patent Office guy Mr. Seltzer in 515-THE WILD, WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN; and innkeeper Scroop in 806-THE UNDEAD. He also starred in The Cat Burglar; The Devil's Hand; Daughter of Horror; and Last of the American Hobos (with Coleman Francis). He directed several losers including The Brain Eaters and The Female Jungle. For 13 years, VeSota had the recurring role as the bartender on TV's Bonanza!

Last Updated: 6/21/1999

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